Wednesday, April 26, 2017

New Mexico: New Prefabs

We are excited about our progress on New Mexico map DLC expansion for American Truck Simulator. It is still going to take us some time to wrap the work up and polish it for release, but we feel that we are ready to gradually start showing you new cool stuff from New Mexico.

An important part of the in-game economy are the prefabs representing local industries. They should be visually recognizable and believable for gameplay to be fun. Prefabs are often represented by a typical building, special-purpose installation, or even a whole industrial complex. We focus on their realistic appearance and adjust them to fit perfectly into the surroundings. The team is doing their homework on research to make sure we take proper inspirations from relevant real industrial facilities as the basis for our work.

Stone by stone, we piled gravel deposits to represent the location for the transport of bulk materials. It's made up of tons of raw materials, loaders, conveyors and other heavy machinery.

The Intermodal Train Depot is a typical US transport hub for loading and unloading of entire trailers. These are then further transported by rail to save both fuel costs and fuel emissions to another node in the transportation network, before they reach their final destination by road again.

Within the prefab intended for the food industry, we may have gotten a little carried away. We designed and implemented unique depots that will surprise you by their size. We were inspired by actual existing industrial facilities for production of cereals and dairy products. An important feature of those two objects represents separated locations for loading and unloading. The rear wing is used for supply of raw materials, the front one for distribution of finished products. This solution is designed according to the regulations for the transport of foodstuffs.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Big in America

After revealing our plans for Heavy Cargo for Euro Truck Simulator 2, we have noticed some American Truck Simulator players worrying if we are not forgetting about them.

Fear not, because we have something equally cool in the making for you!

The US regulations are different from European, calling for different axle configurations for the special transport trailers. It takes a ton of skill to master driving these monstrosities, just look at the screenshots bellow...

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Reference Research for American Truck Simulator

We're trying to discover even the smallest details about the new areas we're working on. We don't hesitate to go down the roads less traveled. Our researchers are digging hard, maybe too hard and too deep this time!?

Follow our blog and other social media to discover all the important information about the new region we are building for American Truck Simulator.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy Easter!

Many games contain Easter Eggs (Easter Egg on wikipedia), and American Truck Simulator is no different. You may have found some of them already, but it's the time of the year now when you may be inspired to look for more.

Easter Eggs in ATS don't have any particular core gameplay role, but we have created a special Steam achievement for one of them. We thought we would hint at a few of them here in this post, but without showing their exact locations...

Sneaky ducks?!

Have I seen this mansion before?!

Wanna race?

Such a nice day to relax out in the woods...

This is just a sample, there are more secrets to find. Please, don't spoil the fun for the others and do not reveal the locations of these secrets in the comments! Have an awesome time during Easter!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Heavyweights to enter the ring soon

We have been spending considerable time during the recent year fine-tuning truck & trailer physics and improving power train simulation. We feel more and more confident now that we'll be soon ready to share the results of this development with you.

We are preparing new content and gameplay features for both Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. As a first, we plan to bring you a pack of new Heavy Cargo sitting on all-new trailers for ETS2. The driving experience with 50+ tons in tow is very different, so much in fact that it may tempt us to pack in new powerful chassis configurations for some of the trucks!

Monday, April 10, 2017

American Truck Simulator at MATS 2017

We have covered our visit to Mid-America Truck Show on our various social media channels like Twitter, a huge dump of raw photos was also posted on Imgur. But a couple of readers have reminded us that we have failed to mention it also here on the blog. As some fans prefer the blog over any other ways of checking news on SCS Software, we owe you to also make a short post here.

For us, the brightest star of the show was a Pete 579 simulator presented at Peterbilt's booth, using a customized version of American Truck Simulator to render the world and instruct the cab to dance around. It was kind of only a proof of concept project, but we think it worked pretty neat, as you can see in the YouTube video below:

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Community's Driver Seats #2

After a while, we are back with a bunch of awesome photos of driving "rigs" built by our very passionate fellow sim truckers. If you've missed the first article on this topic, you can check it out retrospectively here.

Photos of yours gaming setups are still coming from time to time, and we really admire the massive dedication invested into making these places of ultimate & virtual trucking. Keep the pictures coming - you can send them straight to the inboxes via messages at our official Facebook profiles: Euro Truck Simulator 2, American Truck Simulator or SCS Software.

Here comes another set of amazing photos:

Once again, thank you so much for sharing these photos with us! Stay awesome and have a great time!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Under The Hood #2: Assets

Hello, Truckers!

After some time we’re back with the second article from the series “Under the Hood”. The first one was about how we do the initial phase when we start to work on something new, about research. As you could read in that blog post, the research phase is really important and deeply connected to every other step that comes after. But what comes next? What’s the next step after we gather enough information about the new things we’d like to implement into our games? Well, let’s imagine a situation once again. You’re part of the SCS Software team of designers and you’ve just finished the research phase about a new state which is going to be created for Euro Truck Simulator 2. You have all you need to know about the lands, the vegetation, the architecture, economy, traffic rules, laws, landscapes and so on. You’re able to start creating the new part of the map right now, so you start with the roads and everything is just fine until you came to the point where a specific city, house, point of interest, landmark or something like that should be placed. And you don’t have any model, prefab or asset for that. So what will you do? Who will help?

And that‘s what today’s article is going to be about: The Assets. So just like last time, sit comfortably, sip your tea or coffee and dive deep into this blog post if you want to know something about the environmental models with which we’re filling the in-game zones.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Game Updates Arrive Today!

The wait for the final version of the 1.6 update for American Truck Simulator and 1.27 update for Euro Truck Simulator 2 is over! We want to thank all of you who contributed to our open beta test with bug reports, feedback, and suggestions. Updates for both games are available via Steam now.


  • [ETS2 only] Country Specific Police Cars AI
This update brings a new element which synchronizes the game with ATS - cop cars in traffic. Police cars have a unique look for each country.

  • [ATS only] Weigh station pass device
The windshield-mounted box expands situational awareness for those who prefer to switch off all user interface elements for an immersive experience. It works the same way as the weigh station functionality which is a part of the on-screen Advisor "widget".

  • Trailer Liftable Axles
  • Differential Lock
  • Adaptive transmission modes (power, normal, eco)
  • Improved engine simulation model (friction, braking, consumption)


  • [ETS2 only] Volvo with Allison gearbox can shift up over 4 gears.
  • Air pressure simulation improved (pressure buildup, cut-off sound, application pressure).
  • Coin sound tweaked.
  • FOV range increased to 40-120 degrees in adjuster.
  • Engine brakes set to 3 positions (as most current trucks have). One-key-hold control will use full strength still.
  • If engine brake toggle input is not assigned, increase/decrease engine brake inputs work similar to retarder (in range from 0 to maximum).
  • Multiple fueling points on gas stations.
  • g_force_economy_reset flag is disabled after economy reset.
  • Transmission input shaft simulation (double clutch).


  • Single "overrides" (forced default) rule can be used instead of defaults-suitable rule pair across linked accessories.
  • All pressure units set consistently to bars (data, animation, dashboard UI).
  • Nominal air_tank_pressure value added to chassis data.
  • Changed interior animations: all air, oil and brake pressure (gauges, indicators).
  • New interior animation: trailer axle lift (indicator), differential lock (button, indicator).
  • New engine data: resistance_torque (measured at 2000rpm).
  • Coin sound made moddable in the same way as other sounds (through ogg file).
To get the best advice about modding either game check our modding wiki.


  • Connecting DLC's owned by the player to his World of Truck account to make the content available for all World of Trucks features.

Friday, March 17, 2017

St. Patrick's Day

Today is a special day for our games' fans with Irish descent. Occassionally, we update older content in our games, and we decided to revisit the Irish Paint Jobs Pack for Euro Truck Simulator 2. We have added a few cabin decorations to the DLC, hoping that this free little gift for all owners of the paintjob set may make their March 17 a tiny bit better.

Your game installation on Steam will be updated with the new cabin toys automatically if you have the DLC already. If you tend to wear green on this day and still don't have the DLC, you may appreciate that it is now available on Steam Store at reduced price.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Sound recording - SCANIA S and R

We are hard at work on the 3D models of Next Generation Scania S and R trucks. There is still a ton of work left for the two-person team responsible for the interior and exterior of the vehicle, but we are seeing solid progress. In a previous blog post, we have covered the process of 3D scaning and photogrammetry, performed on a research trip to Scania Demo Centre in Södertälje, Sweden. But looks is not everything. In recent days, a small production team set out to record the truck sounds, and to photograph additional specific details of the cabin interior. Our thanks belong to Scania Czech Republic based in Chrášťany near Prague, who let us play with Scania’s new trucks range for 2017 models - V8 S580 and R450. We took four days in total for the sound recording sessions, so you can imagine that it was rather thorough.

We recorded sounds on eight microphones simultaneously. A vehicle's sounds are recorded at once for interior as well as for selected exterior areas and important mechanical parts. We go through various driving modes and workloads to get a wide range of authentic data. We typically dedicate 3 microphones just for the engine compartment, to make sure we acquire the distinctive full sound. More microphones are reserved for the chassis and exhaust. In total, we are talking some 50 GB of raw data in 8 tracks for each vehicle.

In addition to comprehensive sound sets for both S and R models, we also focused on photographing dozens of detailed photos, which will be handy for our vehicle department. For this purpose we had a fat list of items prepared by them for what needed to be further documented. The details were then photographed during breaks in the recording sessions.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Update 1.27 Open Beta

Today is the day to start 1.27 Update Open Beta. It took us a bit more time than we anticipated to get the release prepared; we have been busy addressing problems reported during ATS Open Beta. Most of them would also be manifested in the ETS 2 builds, and it makes little sense to release anything with known issues.

No need to write about the Liftable Trailer Axles once again, but if you've missed it, you can find our previous mention about it here.

The fans who have already experimented with ATS Update Open Beta would of course already know about the differential lock that's coming with this wave of updates. This feature allows you to lock/unlock the differentials on the truck's wheels, to avoid wheelspin. It becomes quite handy in situations where you're hauling some really heavy cargo on an uneven road or unstable ground. The difference with differential lock on is very obvious and can save your day. We were testing it with really heavy trailers on dirty roads from the bottom of the biggest mines to the top.

This new feature is by default set to hotkey V, but keep in mind that you can turn differential lock on only when the truck is not moving fast.

For ETS2 specifically, the new version updates one element that brings the game in sync with ATS - cop cars in traffic. Police cars have unique looks for each country. It's not about just changing the colors or a texture on the same car model. We've created specific car models which we consider typical or representative for each country. They can give you fines, but they can do it only in the state where their jurisdiction belongs. So, if they happen to be lured outside of their homeland to another country, they can't take any of your hard-earned money anymore. But still, better take your feet off the pedals and obey the traffic law, because there are new sheriffs in towns!

Enough chit-chat? Ok. Here comes the full list of changes:


  • Country Specific Police Cars AI
  • Trailer Liftable Axles
  • Differential Lock
  • Adaptive transmission modes (power, normal, eco)
  • Improved engine simulation model (friction, braking, consumption)
  • Transmission input shaft simulation (double clutch)


  • Volvo with Allison gearbox can shift up over 4 gear.
  • Air pressure simulation improved (pressure buildup, cut-off sound, application pressure)
  • Coin sound tweaked.
  • FOV range increased to 40-120 degrees in adjuster.
  • Engine brakes set to 3 positions (as most current truck have). For one-key-hold control you can still use full strength.
  • If engine brake toggle input is not assigned, increase/decrease engine brake inputs work similar to retarder (in range from 0 to maximum)
  • Multiple fueling points on gas stations
  • g_force_economy_reset flag is disabled after economy reset.


  • Single "overrides" (forced default) rule can be used instead of defaults-suitable rule pair across linked accessories.
  • All pressure unit set consistently to bars (data, animation, dashboard ui).
  • Nominal air_tank_pressure value added to chassis data.
  • Changed interior animations: all air, oil and brake pressure (gauges, indicators)
  • New interior animation: trailer axle lift (indicator), differential lock (button, indicator)
  • New engine data: resistance_torque (measured at 2000rpm)
  • Coin sound made moddable in the same way as other sounds (through ogg file).


  • Connecting DLC's owned by the player to his World of Truck account to make the content available for all World of Trucks features.

During open betas, we are operating a dedicated alternate site for World of Trucks, which is used to safely test all new features. Please visit World of Trucks Open Beta web for more information. Also check our modding wiki too to get details pertaining to mods for the game.

If you wish to participate in the open beta, you can find this version in public_beta branch on Steam. The way to access it is as follows: Steam client → LIBRARY → right click on Euro Truck Simulator 2 → Properties → Betas tab → public_beta → 1.27 public beta. No password required.

Just as with the previous Open Beta releases - please keep in mind that this is still only a beta version of the update! You may experience instability and/or bugs and kinks. It’s completely okay if you want to wait for the final release. But if you are interested in providing feedback at this stage, be sure to let us know on our forum. We appreciate all your feedback immensely.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Raven Truck Design Pack

A long time has passed since Polar Express Holiday Event 2014. Tons of people participated in it, and we distributed over 30 thousand free activation keys of Raven Truck Design DLC as a special reward. We made this DLC exclusive for the event, there was no other way to obtain it or purchase it.

Ever since then we keep receiving a lot of messages, questions, suggestions, pleas and wishes from our community from all corners of the world to make it available for everyone. It looks like the Raven Truck Design DLC is really desired among the game's fans.

So after two years, we have now decided to make this pack available for purchase. First though, we felt that we should revisit it and spice it up with additional goodies. The DLC was silently updated with new tuning parts a couple of weeks ago, to give the current owners a little bit of exclusivity to enjoy the new tuning options. Today, we are releasing Raven Truck Design DLC on Steam for everyone who is interested in getting it.

The new stuff in the DLC includes new cabin accessories - Raven Art Figure, Raven Emblem LED, Raven Wings LED, Raven Emblem, also new front & rear rims - Raven Revolution and Raven Claws, and a new paint job: Corvus Ex Machina.

Of course the content which has been included since the original release is still there - Raven hubs, nuts, rims and two paint jobs: Golden Raven and Raven Custom.

We hope those who earned the DLC during the event will gladly welcome new things for free, that they will feel rewarded once again. And for those of you who have desired this DLC so long, but missed the opportunity to win it during the event, we hope that you appreciate the possibility to finally get it now at this link.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Community's Driver Seats

Recently, we've asked our fellow truckers via our Facebook profiles for ATS and ETS2 to share photos of their cool little places for relaxing and virtual trucking with us. We are always curious and excited to see the various unique gaming setups that passionate game players can come up with to enjoy their favorite truck sims.

And we must admit that you've really amazed us! We've got a lot of photos from you and all of them are awesome and very interesting. So big thank to you for sharing them with us! Also thank you for the very kind communication that was started with many of you on this topic, it was really cool to have small chats with you to learn more about your sanctuaries where you can relax and haul some cargos in ATS or ETS2.

The number of photos we have received from you is so high that it's not possible to put them all in one article on our blog. We were granted permission to show the photos from many of you, but we had to pick only a small subset. So we've chosen some of the most creative (by our personal opinion anyway) which you can see below. We will be picking some more in the future, so we'll be happy for more submissions. More driving rigs may also appear from time to time on our Instagram profile.

Thank you once again, keep on trucking and have a great time!