Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Start Your Engines event wrap up

Our most recent World of Trucks event is over today. Almost 82K participants finished the 12 deliveries required to complete it. That's a huge number of hours invested in the game, in addition to people staying on the regular gameplay or experimenting with the many cool mods available.

It's great to see so many screenshots and videos of you flashing the new paint job and cabin accessories earned during the event.

As promised, we are also ready to announce the two lucky participants who will get tickets of their choice to any of the upcoming FIA ETRC races of the 2018 season, plus VIP treatment at the hands of SCS Software's On the Road crew there. The random generator script has crunched all the players who have completed the event and these two nicks popped out:

  • Jarniekieboy
  • Gonga1967

Congratulations! Please get in touch with us to claim your reward. Please check out your World of Trucks profile page and follow the instructions which we've sent to you to claim your reward.

We are already looking forward to launching a new community event for American Truck Simulator players. Tentatively, we are looking at launching it early next week.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Beyond the Baltic Sea New Industries 2

This is a follow-up to our previous article about new industries coming to the Beyond the Baltic Sea map expansion for Euro Truck Simulator 2. We would like to share more insights into the variety of industrial installations that you will encounter while on deliveries; these are just some of the custom "prefabs" that our 3D model team is creating.

You can see parts of production chain buildings, like a material store at a concrete batching plant, or a paper mill along with a furniture factory. Advanced engineering industry is represented by the locomotive service/producing factory prefab.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Hungaroring weekend and beyond

It was an exciting weekend for the SCS On the Road team at the FIA ETRC races at Hungaroring, Hungary. We did not see much of the race, as we were always busy entertaining the visitors of our sim trailer. This is what we like the most anyway, interacting with people new to truck simulation as well as chatting with loyal fans of our games who come to see us in the flesh.

This time, our crew was complemented by help from the local truck sim fan community. It turned out to be a fantastic addition to our team, as both @John_Barth and @gebbbe are super experienced players of the game as well as really cool guys.

The kind organizers of the ETRC series managed to secure two seats in the pace truck opening the race for our team, and we were happy to pass the fun on to them, so the boys enjoyed a crazy once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Meanwhile, tons of visitors have come to experience our simulation, including professional drivers, and it is really music to our ears when we hear their praise.

The sunny weekend is over now, and we are on the way back to Prague. The race drivers and their teams are also on their way back to base or even to the next destination - Germany's famous Nürburgring. We thought this give us an excuse to prolong the current World of Trucks event by a couple of days. There are still close to three thousand people with 11 or 10 deliveries completed out of the total of 12 required to succeed in the event. Whether it's the football on TV or whether it was the nice weekend weather, these players haven't managed to find the time to finish their last job. We felt they deserve a chance, so we are prolonging the event till midnight of June 19th. We will draw the winners the following day.

Last but not Least... based on the experience of including the members of local fan community into our On the Road crew, we think we should do it again. We would like to ask for your help on the future events. If you would like to become a part of the show for a weekend along the core team from SCS Software, please let us know. Successful candidates are 18+, native speakers of the region of a given event, have great social skills, they should be knowledgeable players of our games and active members of the fan community, ideally with a history of involvement with our open or closed betas, or perhaps recognized creators from the modding community, so that we can do a little background check on them. If you are ready to sacrifice two days of your time, have the skill and the passion to become a "roadie" and become embedded into our crew, please get in touch with us by mail on

Monday, June 11, 2018

A New Community Event in the Making

It is clear that the truck sim fan community is enjoying our World of Trucks events a lot. The ongoing ETS2 Start Your Engines event has already been completed by over 70,000 players!

Please keep in mind that the event ends soon, on June 17th.

Thousands and thousands of new deliveries are finished every day, and you are sending us a lot of beautiful screenshots from your journeys. We have a lot of fun retweeting your pictures on SCS Software's Twitter.

On the Editor's pick section on World of Trucks, we are also overwhelmed by the number of great pictures added all the time, thank you!

Your reception of the recent events has inspired us to try something new. We are planning a new event, this time taking place in the world of American Truck Simulator, with a common shared goal for the community.

The ATS event is tentatively planned to be launched shortly after the current ETS2 event is over. We'll keep the details shrouded in mystery. For the time being, we only have a hint with the following spy photo taken at an unknown location, showing a suspicious increase in traffic.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Portugal Day

The citizens of Portugal celebrate their big day on Sunday, and we thought that it provides a nice opportunity for us to offer them something to decorate their trucks with - Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Portuguese Paint Jobs Pack.

We know that the players of Iberia would want us to give them more than just truck cosmetics. We strongly believe that Euro Truck Simulator 2 still has enough life in it that eventually, we will also get to build a new map DLC comprising Portugal and Spain. Just please have patience with us, we keep strengthening our map design teams to cover more territory in both our games faster and better, but there is no denying that creating our huge worlds is a project that will take years. With your support, we are here to make it happen.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

SCS On The Road: Invitation to Hungaroring

In a few days, our SCS On the Road team will be packing and setting on a new journey. Destination: Hungaroring! We are joining the fun at the 2nd race of the FIA European Truck Racing Championship season on this famous Hungarian circuit.

We are trying something new for this event, and we are really looking forward to it. Our core team will be complemented by János and Gábor, two very experienced Euro Truck Simulator players and long-time passionate fans of SCS Software games. This should help us bridge the language barrier, and make it easier for us to deal with input and feedback from the local players.

Who knows, maybe YOU would be helping us on one of the following events? ;-)

As usual, everyone who's going to come to the races will have a chance to visit our Sim Trailer. Stop by and try our games on our tuned 4D Motion Seats or have a chat with our crew, and perhaps even get a piece of our cool merchandise to remember the day.

If you can't make it Hungaroring on 16th or 17th of June, keep an eye on our social media channels. We will be sharing some moments, pictures, and videos during the weekend.

To illustrate the atmosphere of the roadshow, here is a couple of images from two weeks ago, when our sim trailer traveled to the first race of the FIA ETRC 2018 season at Misano World Circuit, Italy. It was a really hot and sunny weekend and we all had a great time with tons of visitors interested in our work. You can find even more photos if you visit our SCS Software Facebook profile.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Natural beauty of Oregon

Welcome to the next episode of our popular series, revealing details of the upcoming Oregon map expansion for American Truck Simulator. Today we will focus on natural surroundings. Our interpretation of the natural beauty of the states is an essential part of our development focus.

Our programmers are always improving the tools available to our map designers. Our system for intelligent creation of rock formations has been further refined, so the map team has now even more toys at their disposal to play with.

Forest industry is one of the key building blogs of Oregon economy and transportation. We want to take our players deeper into the forests, showing things in closer detail. That is why new detailed models of lower and higher forest vegetation are created. We also added wetlands and swamps together with lush meadows full of blooming wildflowers. Several unique representatives of Oregon flora have also been identified. For example, we have created a brand new thundercloud flowering plum tree for some of the urban areas.

In addition to living trees and flowers, the Oregon DLC will also feature wilted forest remains and dry trees to replicate realistically look locations. On the coasts, we can even hint at natural alluviums formed by branches and other vegetation remnants.

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