Friday, March 29, 2019

Farming in Washington State

From bustling cities to evergreen forests, Washington is a diverse state that is home to many significant industries including one of its largest, Agriculture. Each one of the around 40,000 farms require constant attention to keep running; they depend on truck drivers to deliver their materials, machinery and most importantly their produce to export across America and beyond.

The upcoming Washington State map expansion will feature many farm industries that will not only include growing just crops, but also those that specialise in other produce such as pumpkins, tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables.

Just as important as the produce grown are the farmyards themselves, which can vary from large companies with many acres of fields, to small country family farms. Essential to their operations are the structures which occupy the land such as greenhouses, silos, and most importantly, shelter for the livestock. On your travels, you may even come across farm animals such as pigs, sheep or even large buffaloes known for roaming and grazing, or just enjoying the sunshine.

We can't wait for you to explore these farms amongst many other industries! In the meantime, why not add Washington State to your Steam Wishlist?

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Trailer News Part 1: American Truck Simulator

We are working hard on the new Update 1.35 for both Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. It's shaping up to be one of the biggest updates ever. We plan for an extensive open beta period, but there is still a lot of internal testing and tweaking left to do before we reach that stage. A series of upcoming blog posts will focus on key new features and new content.

In today's post, we want to focus on new types of trailers and loads coming to American Truck Simulator with Update 1.35. The new additions will be very handy in the Pacific Northwest!

Chip van trailers are coming to service the woodworking industry especially in Oregon and in our upcoming Washington state map expansion. They will be available with three body variants: van, moving floor, and iconic belly van. Chip van trailers are ownable and will be available to haul from the freight market.  We also plan to use them to transport other suitable loads in other industries and states.

Driving towards Washington State, you will have a chance to meet a piggyback truck transport consisting of Kenworth T680s. The new Kenworth truck manufacturing plant special prefab will produce plenty of trucks to deliver to truck dealers all around the game world. This new unique structure deserves its own topic in the near future, so we'll come back to it again.

B-double trailers are another highly requested type of trailer we've created for this update. You will find them on the roads of Oregon and Washington where they are legal. By combining different types of trailers, a huge number of possible B-double combinations is possible. They are spectacular to look at, but towing them will be a new challenge for all our drivers.

Some final words? Perhaps: "Skeletal Container Carrier!"

The players of ETS2 can look forward to an upcoming blog post concentrating on new trailer additions for their game, too!

Friday, March 22, 2019

One Truck Family Event

Let us invite you to join latest World of Trucks event!

The new season of the FIA European Truck Racing Championship (FIA ETRC) is coming. Out in the real world, we plan to be a part of the roadshow again, and we are looking forward to meeting our fans in the flesh again on the racing circuits of the 2019 calendar.

We also want to do something cool in our virtual world. Last year, we asked our community to help us deliver racing components in the "Start Your Engines" event. Thousands of participants passed the event requirements and claimed their rightfully earned rewards.

Today we’re coming back to you with a new task.  Let's imagine such a scenario; before the 2019 season, the teams have a long list of places to go, such as shows and public events to show off their fast and agile beasts. They also need to travel between their home bases, testing circuits, workshops, and any other places where preparations prior to the season can take place. These racing trucks aren't road-legal and we’re going to need your help transporting them to the various destinations!

For the duration of the event, we have placed the racing beauties into Euro Truck Simulator 2 as a very special kind of cargo for you, and now they are ready to start their journey. Utilizing a special FIA ETRC trailer carrying the teams' racing trucks, let's show the world that no matter the size, number of axles, engine, type of use or even brand, all trucks can unite when it's needed.

This spirit perfectly aligns with the new #OneTruckFamily campaign initiated by the FIA ETRC to unite all types of truck drivers, regardless if on the race track, on the road or in a virtual environment.

Hop into your truck and set the course to some of the starting destinations listed below. Don't forget to show off your creative screenshots of this event under the #OneTruckFamily hashtag on your Twitter, Instagram or Facebook profiles! Tag FIA ETRC (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook), our official channels and share your participation with us!

Let's take a look at the rules and rewards of this event!


Using External Contracts on World of Trucks-connected profile, complete deliveries with all 10 ETRC cargo trailers. For an additional reward, complete a delivery to at least 5 different destinations.

Cargo trailers to deliver:
  • from Prague: Buggyra Racing - Adam Lacko + Oliver Janes
  • from Mannheim: Team Hahn Racing - Jochen Hahn
  • from Stuttgart: Team Schwabentruck - Stephanie Halm
  • from Munich: Truck Sport Lutz Bernau - Antonio Albacete
  • from Berlin: Reboconort Truck Racing Team - Eduardo Rodrigues
  • from Bremen: SL Trucksport - Sascha Lenz
  • from Cologne: Team Reinert Racing - René Reinert
  • from Bratislava: Tankpool 24 Racing - Norbert Kiss
  • from Frankfurt am Main: Don't Touch Racing - André Kursim
  • from Amsterdam: EK Truck Race - Erwin Kleinnagelvoort

Destination schedule:

Note: The delivery destination change every three days at 07:00 UTC. See the teams destinations schedule on World of Trucks or follow our social media pages: FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.


For the delivery of all 10 ETRC cargo trailers you will receive:
  • World of Trucks achievement
  • ETRC Cap interior accessory 

In addition to the above, if you also complete delivery to at least 5 different destinations you will receive:
  • Special World of Trucks achievement 
  • Interior accessory of 1:50 truck model of one of three ETRC 2018 racing trucks (random drop)
  • ETRC Mug interior accessory
  • Beautiful racing-inspired paint-job
Note: All rewards are tradable and marketable Steam Inventory items.

Monday, March 18, 2019

A Road to Somewhere New...

Our Euro Truck Simulator 2 map team has been busy building a new major map expansion for quite a while already. Research and pre-production have actually started over half a year before the Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC was released.

A huge amount of work is still ahead of us to complete the work, but we think the time has come to start teasing you with the very first visual clue. Don't worry, in a matter of a few weeks, we want to announce the new map DLC officially, and the teasing should turn into regular project progression reveals and updates. There is so much cool new stuff to show you, we are really looking forward to sharing it with you!

Friday, March 15, 2019

Washington: Logging cliff road

Servicing the logging industry (together with farming industry) will be an important aspect of the in-game economy for the upcoming Washington map expansion. If you are looking for a more challenging drive, you will not only come across beautiful open roads but also winding and dusty ones leading through the thick forests of Washington State. The most interesting example of this is the logging cliff road used to transport tons of logs and wood chips as well as to haul heavy logging machinery.

Our map designers also have a new tool and process for scenic background creations available. This will help us create an even more immersive environment in our games. We used them extensively while creating this hill-side road. You can see the results in this fantastic panoramic screenshot gallery.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Scania presentation at Science Center, Luleå

A few weeks ago a very interesting inquiry came from our friendly contact who works for Scania. Their team was about to open a dedicated booth in the 'Teknikens Hus', which is Sweden's northernmost nonprofit science center, or as they put it, a world of technology and an exciting place for the curious of all ages.

The science center sees around 100,000 visitors from around the world each year! Featured among the many exhibits is a Scania exhibition which is focused on the components of the truck, such as the rear axles and similar, which are manufactured in the city of Luleå.  To represent the final finished product, they have also used a full-size real Scania truck!

Because the center receives a lot of visitors, including children of all ages, an amazing idea was conceived: to implement a special version of Euro Truck Simulator 2 into the cabin of the truck, and let the visitors experience what it is like to drive the vehicle on the road.

We're always open for such challenges and potential cooperation and even more so when it's for the good cause of children's education! We are happy to be able to configure a special build of our game according to their needs. And from the looks of things, it looks like the event was a great success and the visitors truly enjoyed the opportunity to try this unique combination of an actual Scania truck and our game.

Check out a few photos their team has sent to us. By the way, their booth is planned to be there for at least four years - so if you are around the area in the future, be sure to stop by.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

SCS On The Road calendar update - Truck Event Austria

We have a bonus update to our on the road plan - we're adding the Truck Event Austria 2019 to the list, which takes place in Wels this time, on June 29, 2019.

This event has developed quite a lot, during recent years, from a small trucker meeting to a huge festival. Due to the steadily increasing number of visitors and show trucks, it was relocated to the outdoor area of Welser Messe, and while it has been an integral part of the truck festival season in Austria since 2016, the organizers expect this year to be something special!

On an area of 27,500 m² you can expect more than 500 polished show trucks with their proud owners from Austria, Germany and Switzerland, and lots of different attractions and activities for everyone, be it a kid or seasoned trucker. And besides all that, you can expect our On The Road team there, with our sim-trailer, 4D motion seats and lots of merchandise to be gifted to our fans!

Check last year's video - what a way to spend a free day, is it not?