Friday, October 8, 2010

Work in progress - New FH16 cabin

Here is another glimpse behind the curtain - or rather a peek at a new 3D model under development as it previews in Maya.

This asset still has not been textured obviously, so it's just displayed with basic shading. With the help of hi-res photos that we took in Hannover a few weeks ago, texturing it should not be such a big problem hopefully.

One of the comments from a previous post raised the question if we have all the brands licensed already. Sadly, we don't yet - it's a long process with uncertain result. We are trying to talk to the "big guys" of the truck industry now, keep your fingers crossed for us!

At the moment, the work on any truck models that we do is based on the assumption that we will eventually persuade the brands owners to be officially involved. However, we may end up the same way as before releasing Euro Truck or German Truck/UK Truck generation games, and have to hastily remove all the brands and all the real names shortly before release so that we don't risk being sued.

Well if this blog happens to be followed by anyone with access to employees or even decision makers in the transportation industry and you can help us connect, or if  you have any tips of whom to contact about brand licensing, we would certainly appreciate hearing your suggestions.


  1. Wow, this game would be great!!

  2. maybe you will make a bigger details on the a,b and c classes cabines, for example: the height inside the truck corresponding the outsite
    Sorry for my bad English

  3. SCS YOU NEVER SEIZE TO AMAZE ME!!! Great work. SCS, if it will no trouble for you, can you give us a glimpse into the Renault Interior? Please. Keep up the great work. I hope the physics will be amazing as the graphics ;)

  4. You should do some version of the cabins. I am thinking of the interior. If I've low-cab I want low roof interior

    Sorry for my english :) I think you know what I mean.

    Greetings form Poland

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  7. Im starting a blog for those who want to post ideas on for the SCS Software to read and grab ideas from.

  8. I'm anxious to play the new Euro Trucker.
    If possible, play online games, will be the best game ever and certainly a sales success.
    Finish with a few suggestions:
    - Online Mode
    - No online mode have the possibility of a player having your company, or several players to form a society in a single company.
    - Hire real drivers (players) and drivers of the game.
    - Add functionality so that the truck has wear, as in real life.
    - A deeper part in customizing the truck: adjustments to the engines, brakes, and various pieces for performance and visual.
    - Wear and maintenance system for advanced, tire wear, engine, suspension, enabling change some parameters to improve performance and / or fuel economy.
    - Ne my vision would be a very interesting mix of features of the games "american long haul" with the "german truck simulator" adding the feature online play.
    - Possibility of creating maps by players example: map of Japan, China, Russia, Brazil, Europe, or across continents: North America, South America, Africa, Oceania, Asia.
    - I see two possibilities for the introduction of the maps, or they can be created by players, as a mod, or map of each region each be sold separately, just as the train simulator game sells addons.

  9. I am courious about a actual version of mercedes benz actros versions.

    Then what we need in ETS2, another important version is a double function to create such trailers:

    oder such ones:

    And switchable beacon lights would be fine too in ETS2.

  10. Wow stunning detail for the new interiors! If the unfinished, untextured interior has me drooling, I can't imagine the finished interior!

    Some small suggestions regarding the lighting of the trucks:
    -More control of which lights come on, depending on the driver's selection. (i.e. simply the flares and clearance lights, then the headlights separately)
    -I believe most trucks now operate standard with daytime running lights (DRLs) like most cars (at least that's how it is here in the USA). It would be great if you could make it so the trucks have these daytime lights run while the engine is running.'

    Keep up the excellent work!

  11. Thanks for answering question about real truck names. Well nevermind that... Only thing i'm interested is truck handling. What are you planing to do with it? Maybe already have some ideas?

    Hers a video of truck handling in GTS that i made
    (all trucks weight much more, all trailers weights are different)

    I really hope to see something like that in ETS2.

    Well..good luck!

  12. PS.
    one more thing about interiors!

    (i remember this thing was in Pedal to the Metal and i like it very much)
    You turn your headlights on and interior dashboard,speedometer and all other interior gadgets turns on. Not that stuff when all that dash glows in the dark by itself...
    (i'm saying this because obviously you are improving interiors why not to improve that to?)

    I tried to fix that my self but zmodeler don't exports animations that how i want it...

  13. I dont know where else to put this so i apologize

    this is a list of none interior related suggestions and ideas

    .difficulty modes for the game play
    -easy (use of on-screen mirrors and map)
    -normal (only able to use map)
    -hard (rely only on outside mirrors and road signs)

    .Industrial estates and services
    -different loading docks for different trailer and cargo types
    -waiting times for loading and unloading
    -easy (1-2mins)
    -norm (2-3mins)
    -hard (3-4mins)

    -larger services
    -more traffic on the services
    (moving trucks and cars)
    -trucks refuelling
    -many more trucks resting

    -i want a more distanced map
    -many more roads
    (country lanes)
    (single roads)
    (massive residential areas)
    -round abouts (it's not america)
    -more roads through forested areas

    .places i'd like to see in game
    -mont blanc tunnel (including roads leading in an out of it)
    -salerno container termianal
    (all of it, and make it challenging)
    -euro tunnel please

    please try as this would make game extremely fun

  14. scs
    if you guys read this please try to put in ETS2 ...
    rain on the glass truck differentiated, more real you know, the gts eh not quite real, and the speed of tbm cleaners, are very fast and are slow in real ...
    and also the mess on the glass and the entire truck over time in the game ...
    is just an idea, sorry if n is immediately understand very well that my english is not very good, anyway I live in Brazil and such ...

  15. Congratulations for the great work. But as a tip, improve the height of the interior, leaving the highest relative to the ground, also the physics of the game, leaving the heaviest trailers, and a gear ratio closer to the real.
    Another point which I believe is necessary is the placement of double and triple trailers, great game as it was in 18 WOS Haulin and ALH.
    The customization of different engines, which can be chosen by the players, would also be important to make the simulator more realistic.

    Thanks ...

    Rafael Brusque Toporowicz
    Parana, Brazil

  16. Great work. There's some plan for online playing, or something like? That should be cool.


    Gabriel "Guaxinim" Righi
    Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

  17. Good Work SCS, there never was and never will be better simulators trucks qa SCS
    I wrote this comment because I'm addicted to the GTS, and ask the ETS2 q now has some improvements like:
    Weight on the trucks so that trucks can pick up in the hills;
    Effects of movements in parts of trucks, such as:
    Amateur radio antenna, extended rear mud to tbm q hoses and coupling c coupling in the trailers and moved forward as the movement of trucks
    Was this the more we need for giving a good game in reality

    Thanks for your help!

    William Perin,
    Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

  18. Nice work but just a reminder dont forget to add the retarder stick on the interior.

    the stick above the computer/wiper stick the one with the + inside the o with(). and this is just a wish from me regarding the retarder(motorbrake) is it posseble for you guys to make it like in real volvo trucks and buses, you either have it on the brake pedal like its suppose to be and the ability to engage it engae it manualy, In cause you dont know how it works or what the different signs stand for: 0 is completly off (plain stupid to have and people that have them on that are plain stupid morrons.) Anyway A is for Automatic (having it on the brakeing pedal, thats how it suppose to be) 1,2 and 3 are the different levels it can be engaged manualy, 40%,70% and 3 is 100%. Finaly B is for a spesial feature for volvos with I-Shift gear boxes. Its a spesial braking program that only works with I-Shift.

  19. Yes, they should add the retarder in the game, because none of the EU trucks have Jacobs brake (jake brake) and motorbrake (very few have it)!
    Please, SCS, make the retarder, please!


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    thanks & Regards
    Hemant Kumar

  21. super les gars ets 2 sa va etre un jeux de malade

  22. don't forget to make those mirrors functional..


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