Thursday, April 21, 2011

SCS Software's main website redesign

We have just unveiled a refresh of our corporate website at Of course for the active fans to keep up to date on daily news, it is more important to follow this blog, our Facebook and YouTube channel. However making a good impression on newcomers to truck simulation games genre cannot hurt either with a cleaner look of the primary web.


  1. I like it. Very nice redesign.
    Keep up the outstanding work SCS Software team.

  2. Bonjour SCS,

    Oui, il est pas mal le site comme ceci.
    Bon boulot.


    Hello SCS

    Yes, it is quite like this site.
    Good job.


  3. looking good ;) better

  4. Really nice!
    The results are sure to be welcome!
    The site is really clearer now..

  5. Well done SCS !
    Greetings from your fan from

  6. SCS Team!
    What about the translating? :)

  7. Looks cool and informative :)

  8. Nice, much more attractive, and makes more sense.

  9. Perfect! Well-aranged, modern dissection of page, elements in proper size and as Titou said, it graphically correspondig with this site now.

  10. Looks better than the old one! Thumbs up!
    Maybe you should make this blog a section of that site...

  11. The layout and design of the new website is really nice, however you managed to make two typos as soon as in the first two paragraphs. :D

    Write "cleaner" instead of "clener" in the first paragraph, and write html in uppercase (HTML), as it is an acronym... ;-)

    I don't want to sound like a grammar nazi, but a company can easily lose its credibility with such minor mistakes, especially to newcomers. ;)

  12. I don't agree with other's comment.

    This design is not so good as compare to modern game developers website.

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