Thursday, July 14, 2011

Trucks & Trailers patch almost ready

We have fixed some issues in T&T, and we are almost ready to release the patch for the game. As a little sweetener, we are throwing in several additional Tasks to provide our valued customers with a bit of extra fun. The assignment texts of the tasks are now uploaded to If you have a bit of spare time, we would definitely be grateful for your help with translations. Just please don't use Google Translate or similar services - it only causes more problems than it solves when coming up with decent quality result in the end. Only translate what you feel very confident you can translate correctly.

Some of the new tasks are really wicked - you can check them out in a YouTube movie that we have prepared for the release of the patch (the download link mentioned at the end doesn't yet offer the patch of course, the movie is not yet public on our YouTube channel, it's only linked form the blog so far).


  1. Oui ! Super !! Très bonne nouvelle.

    Merci beaucoup. Je vous encourage !

    Vous êtes une super équipe !

  2. Still mastering my parking skills, but can't wait for new missions! Thanks very much for your effort!

  3. Superb challeges, can't wait. Ty for the patch SCS :)

  4. Oh my, that will test skill, patience and logical thinking. Love it, ha! (c8

  5. Look at this nice Video

    Excellent and begin to translate what touches me when we can edit the game no matter models Zmoderler .... thanks

  6. Hello SCS

    I received the translation of by email. I've done my part and translated the 16 new phrases. I look forward to the release of the patch to destroy these new missions!

    Thank you SCS!


    Rafael Brusque Toporowicz
    São Mateus do Sul - Paraná - Brasil

  7. Hello guys! Thanks for this message, can wait for the patch! Watch my driving skílls there

  8. Oh thats nice.

    Thank you SCS.
    Regards from your TrucksimCom

  9. Thanks, but don't forget...we wait ETS2!!

  10. Thanks so much for the free DLC, tests seem very challenging.
    I believe I speak on behalf of many: we look forward to the release of ETS2.
    I'm sure it will be great.
    But do not be swayed by pressure from us, better to wait two more months and have a fantastic product.
    So good job at all.

  11. Hungarian strings have been completed and verified. Good luck with the patch! :)

  12. Download link? On officia site patch is unavailble.

  13. Link will be ready as patch is done.

  14. Nice scs

    Scs Team Please New Mercedes Actros ETS2

    Thank you

  15. Come on guys ... T&T is good as it is. Don't keep releasing patches for it, and concentrate on ETS2. We want it released this summer!

  16. WOW! Awesome. Those bonus tasks will be a delight.
    Keep this game alive, don't listen to people that only care about the big ETS.
    Nice job with these new rounds!

  17. Now might be time SCS giving a tool to help us so we can create our own trucks!

    No errors prism3D having been made by a third-party programs and 100% compatible with game.


  18. I would like to know, what happened to that patch? Half a year passed now, and we aren't seeing any update for T&T...

  19. Yeah, where's this patch?


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