Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Texas - Logging Industry

Due to the sheer size of Texas DLC, driving through the eastern and western parts might sometimes feel like two different sides of one coin. The various biomes always pave the way for specific industries, and there is one extremely important focused mainly on the east. Let’s take a look at the local logging industry and everything that it will have to offer!

Texas is home to approximately 62 million acres of forestland, so it is probably not a surprise that the logging industry has been in constant development for quite a while - in fact for over 180 years! There are records indicating the existence of sawmills near the Gulf coast and inland around the year 1820, which is truly amazing and it just shows exactly why the industry is contributing quite a lot to the current economy of the state. 

We’ve read a lot of requests on social media to be mindful of the importance of this industry, and we hope our depots that will be reminiscent of the production cycle will do the job in the representation. Whether it will be areas for felling of the trees, sawmills that cut the wood into lumber, or construction sites that build wooden structures, you will always feel that your journey is helping the local economy. And we also know how much you love hauling cargo through challenging dirt roads, so you can look forward to several of those too!

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