Monday, October 21, 2013

Yes, it's coming your way very soon!

We are excited to see so high level of fan community anticipation for the upcoming new Volvo FH release.

Currently the new truck model is in final stages of tuning and testing. This also involves going through final approval step with the brand owner, so the exact release date is not fully in our hands now. We feel very confident though now that the release date of the 1.7 update is not very far away.

We are in the final stretch, and no doubt you may have noticed already that our community beta testers started to share their thrill from the new Volvo FH in screenshot form via World of Trucks website. The website has great momentum still as more and more fantastic images are getting uploaded and more and more accounts are being created. And we are just starting to scratch the surface of what kind of opportunities the service will bring.

To fuel your hunger a little more, let us show you some dev-made shots of the new truck. Stay tuned, and see you soon on the roads in the new Volvo FH. Enjoy!