Monday, October 19, 2020

8 years on the roads of Euro Truck Simulator 2

Last year on this date we released a blog post celebrating the 7th anniversary of Euro Truck Simulator 2. It feels like it hasn't been that long since we wrote that article, and yet here we are with another year passed, milestones reached, tons of content created and another anniversary to celebrate. While the world experiences a difficult time, we know that many of you use Euro Truck Simulator 2 as an escape from reality to relax.

On the 18th of October 2012, Euro Truck Simulator 2 was released to the world. Since then, it truly has been an amazing ride from the very first km in our in-game world, and we definitely could have not wished for a better community.

Even though the world is currently going through a challenging period, we wanted to take a few minutes of our time to say thank you to our #BestCommunityEver for all the wonderful support, for being our motivation and for helping us make our games even better as time goes on. 

And because we are in a celebration mood, we thought it would be nice and appropriate to "reward" you with a slice of the birthday cake. Hence we decided to show you something yet unrevealed, still in a pre-alpha stage, but already cool and promising. A few screenshots from the next map expansion for Euro Truck Simulator 2, which is already in the making and planned to be the next release after Iberia!

How do you like them? Do you have an idea on the location of these shots? For now, we can't share any more info with you as we have switched our focus back to Iberia, but know that we will bring you more info about this project in the future!

Happy 8th Anniversary!

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Community Spotlight: Truckers.FM 5th Anniversary

Our #BestCommunityEver is full of many wonderful and talented individuals, teams and groups who bring a variety of projects, modifications, and more for everyone to enjoy. Today, we are bringing a special blog post on one of the more unique communities who are celebrating their 5th Anniversary this weekend. 

On the 16th of October 2015, Truckers.FM, a dedicated online radio station for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator drivers, began broadcasting on-air with a small team of friends. Today, Truckers.FM is the largest radio station dedicated to the Truck Simulation community and one of the biggest in the gaming radio genre. 

With a strong team of  40+ volunteers consisting of management, presenters, production, Discord moderators, and even a dedicated event ‘street’ team from around the world, TFM has grown into a fully-fledged independent radio station that is popular among a wide array of simulation gamers. 

Every day, Truckers.FM broadcasts to thousands of unique listeners with a variety of radio shows,  keeping truckers in-game entertained and informed on the latest news whilst on the road. We are happy to see how this part of our fanbase has grown in the past 5 years, and we wish TFM many more years of success! We are proud to have such amazing team on-board with us through all these years and we really appreciate all the support and extra promotion for our newest content, events, releases, and all other hot news that they've always been ready to voluntarily promote. Plus, thanks to these guys and their project we were also able to meet and later welcome to our internal team one of our best community managers we've ever had - Alex a.k.a London!

This weekend they are hosting #TFM5, a celebration of their 5th anniversary, and the individuals who help support them with a virtual truck fest and convoy being hosted on the TruckersMP servers & special on-air programming. That is not all, however, as they have teamed up with HyperX, Fanatec & many more great developers and teams to giveaway over 2000 euros in prizes on their Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and on-air at Truckers.FM. And we have pledged ourselves to not only support their celebration by spreading the word about it but also providing them a bunch of free Steam keys for multiple DLCs, to spice-up the pool of gifts a little bit. So make sure to give them a follow and to tune-in this weekend!

Find out all the details on how you can attend and take part in their virtual celebrations on TruckersMP at their dedicated blogpost here.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Euro Truck Simulator 2 1.39 Update Open Beta

Following up on the announcement of the Experimental Open Beta for American Truck Simulator, we are happy to announce the arrival of the 1.39 Open Beta for Euro Truck Simulator 2 which includes various improvements, fixes, and new content.

It will still take at least several weeks before the full 1.39 release, so please keep in mind that this is the first open beta iteration and it is very much still a work-in-progress build that will receive updates throughout the open beta period.

Please note that users who operate on Linux or MacOS may experience a more unstable version of the 1.39 Open Beta and is considered more experimental at this time. 

If you want to take it for a spin, you can help contribute by reporting any bugs you may encounter at the appropriate section of our official forums. Your feedback and reports are extremely valuable for our team and we thank you in advance for taking the time to help us out.

So, what can you expect to find in the 1.39 Open Beta for ETS2? Let's take a closer look!


One of the first things you may notice when you launch Euro Truck Simulator 2 with the 1.39 Open Beta is a redesign of the current launchpad. The main reason why we are introducing this change is to pave the way for a future addition, which will introduce new features to our games that are accessed through the launchpad.

Until then, however, you can see that the design has changed quite significantly. The profile selected at the top now affects all other options and managers found on the launchpad. This applies not only to the Mod Manager but especially to the new addition which we have placed here, Game Options. 

This allows you to change your game settings without even having to load the game. So if you're just looking to tweak your game before streaming on Twitch or adjusting a few options before heading into your truck, it can all be done from the launchpad screen. 

This is just the first iteration of the Launchpad design which is subject to changes and tuning throughout the Open Beta period. If you have any feedback to give about this design, please let us know at our official forum category.


As we previously announced in a recent blog, new Lowbed & Low-Loader Trailers will be arriving at Euro Truck Simulator 2. These trailers have been reworked from the ground up, offering drivers the option to purchase them and use them in an array of different jobs including High Power Cargo Pack, and the Heavy Cargo DLC's.

Low-bed and low-loader trailers now come in two main versions - short and extended, plus they now have customizable chassis which can affect their suitability for heavy cargoes. You will now also be able to adjust and tune them up with multiple new options like colors, rear bumpers, and banners, markers, lights, ramps, side protectors, multiple versions of side/toolboxes, beacons, strobes, mud-flaps, and more! Every single one of these new options had to be adjusted properly for each of these new trailers, to be sure that they fit perfectly!

This major update affects not only the base game of ETS2, but also a lot of other DLCs such as the Heavy Cargo Pack, High Power Cargo Pack, SchwarzmΓΌller DLC, and Special Transport.


Introducing the port of Calais, the fourth-largest port in France and the busiest for passenger traffic. Its industry accounts for more than a third of economic activity in the local area. As many of you may know, Calais is one of our base game cities which was released with Euro Truck Simulator 2. 

As such, a dedicated part of our map team has taken time to give the city and port a major reskin, giving it a fresh and up-to-date look for 1.39. The biggest change you will notice is how the port is now represented in-game. In reality, Calais port is huge and so our map team has worked hard to best reflect that reality within the confines of our map scale. This newly recreated port will feature new assets including gates, terminals, ramps for ferries, and fences.

Other changes include updates to the port entrance and surrounding city areas which have been redesigned to correspond more correctly to reality now. You can read more in detail about this free update to Calais in this blogpost


1.39 also features various bug fixes, improvements, and an update to sounds. This includes, but is not limited to, improved interior cab sound mixing and other changes in preparation for new and upcoming content.

While a majority of the changes in 1.39 are not seen visually in this version, we look forward to bringing you more content and changes in the near future. 



  • City of Calais re-skin

  • Launchpad redesigned


  • Lowbed and low-loader trailers (ownable)
  • Schwarzmuller low-loader (ownable) for the Schwarzmuller DLC
  • DAF XF 2017 Facelift added to AI vehicles
  • MAN TGX Euro 6 added to AI vehicles (with 6x2/4 variants as well)


  • Sound updates and improvements (turbo slider, sound positioning, cabin spatial mixing, sound distribution to accessories)
  • Trailer browser & lister shows all valid cargo variants
  • Experimental transmission input shaft emulation and clutch brake support (g_clutch_brake)

So enjoy all the new additions, but please remember: It's only an open beta, not a stable public version - so you may encounter bugs, instability, kinks, or crashes. It's completely okay if you want to wait for the final release. But if you're interested in helping us to get there faster, we'll appreciate all of your feedback on our forum and your bug reports in this section.

Please check our modding wiki to get details pertaining to mods for the game.

If you wish to participate in the open beta, you can find this version in the public_beta branch on Steam. The way to access it is as follows: Steam client → LIBRARY → right-click on Euro Truck Simulator 2 → Properties → Betas tab → public_beta → Public Beta 1.39. No password required.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

#ImTheBoss Contest Wrap Up

We asked you to get creative and get snapping with THE BOSS Edition paint job for the Renault Range Truck in Euro Truck Simulator 2, and disappoint you did not! 

With 4 cool scaled models up for grabs from our friends over at Renault Trucks, you flooded both our and Renault Trucks' social media channels with photos of THE BOSS Edition paint job in action. From pulling heavy loads to taking a leisurely cruise down a country lane, you showed off your new paint job in style; just take a look at the amount of hype you generated on social media! 

With over 2500 submissions made using the hashtag #ImTheBoss across our social media profiles (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook combined), it would be extremely hard to pick just 4 winners, as from what we've seen so far, pretty much all of the entries are amazing! Hence, we've decided to pick the 4 lucky winners randomly (as it was also pre-announced in the starting blog post) from the list of all by using this special website.

🎁 Lloy61 on Twitter πŸŽ‰

🎁 ets2est on Instagram πŸŽ‰

🎁AlexDeTrucker on Twitter πŸŽ‰

🎁 mr.truck.meganouv on Instagram πŸŽ‰

A BIG congratulations to our 4 chosen winners, each of whom will receive a scale model of the Renault Range T High with THE BOSS Edition paint job! And as a small surprise from our side, we've decided to spice-up the reward a little bit by adding a promise of a Steam key for Iberia DLC after it's released! We hope that you will feel like a real boss now.

To everyone who took part in this creative contest, thank you! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. We look forward to potentially bringing you some more exclusive contests and content in the future with Renault Trucks, as they too were amazed by the effort our #BestCommunityEver provided, and the attention you guys and gals brought/will bring to their vehicles and brand. Watch this space ;) 

We'd love to host similar competitions in the future, so if you happen to brainstorm any ideas for a future contest, let us know in the blog comments below, we'd love to hear it!

Monday, October 12, 2020

Colorado - Denver

A trip to Colorado is not complete without a visit to the state's capital city. Located where the prairies of the Great Plains meet the Rocky Mountains, Denver is home to an array of historic locations, attractions, and most importantly for truckers, industries! 

Nicknamed the Mile High City, Denver features accurate representations of famous landmarks and industries for drivers to discover and deliver cargo to, in our upcoming Colorado DLC for American Truck Simulator

One of the largest contributors to the local economy is Denver International Airport, which our designers say is one of the best representations of an airport we have in our game to date. Drivers can expect to see lots of details around the airport including Denver's famous horse statue. Truckers can also deliver to and from a fan-favorite cargo drop off point, located in the inside of a large cargo aircraft. 

So what other economies can you find in Denver? From beverage factories to wind power plant construction sites, drivers can expect to find a wide array of freight and cargo contracts to and from the city. 

Denver will also feature a realistic road network, including the famous 'mousetrap intersection' which is best known for its spaghetti-like design. Interested to learn more about Colorado's road networks? Check out a previous blog post on the subject here.

Just as important as the roads, is the management of them, which is why our teams have paid special attention to the unique traffic lights which are found across the state. Our designers have recreated and implemented them in the correct areas according to where they are found in reality. Players who know Colorado might be able to recognize the junctions and intersections from these pictures, just from the traffic lights alone.

Already making plans to visit Denver in American Truck Simulator? Then make sure to add Colorado to your Steam Wishlist! It really helps support our upcoming expansions and notifies you of any releases or future sales. We thank you for your support.


Saturday, October 10, 2020

Iberia: Fruit, Crops & Farms

The growing of fresh fruit and vegetables is an important industry for Spain and Portugal, so much so that both countries are among some of the largest producers and exporters in Europe. From oranges to avocados, Iberia provides the ideal growing conditions and space for farms to grow a wide variety of crops, fruits, and vegetables. 

In our upcoming Iberia DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2, drivers will have the opportunity to transport and deliver a variety of equipment and produce within this important industry sector across Spain and Portugal. 

Iberia will also feature newly created prefabs to represent the wide variety of different farms that can be found in Iberia including large commercial farms and vineyards. However, there is one type of farm that may catch your eye on your travels.

Found largely concentrated in the south-east of Spain, are areas of farmland largely covered by white plastic greenhouses. This type of intensive farming has become increasingly popular across Iberia, as farmers can create ideal growing conditions in otherwise very dry and hot areas of the peninsula to grow vegetables and fruit.

We hope you enjoyed taking a closer look at this important industry in Iberia and we look forward to sharing even more images and development updates in the near future. ¿EstΓ‘s emocionado por Iberia? Help support the release of this upcoming DLC by adding it to your Steam Wishlist, we thank you for your support!