Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Meeting Room of the Year 2017 Awards - Thank you!

We'd like to thank you for your kind help in the Best Czech office of 2017 online competition. If you remember, a couple of weeks ago we have asked our fan community to vote for us in an online poll of various new offices. Your voice of support was really strong, and as a result, our new office space won the "Public Vote" category of this local competition!

At this link you can watch a virtual tour through our office, just click it and when it's loaded, pick SCS Software' office (the fifth option) in the bottom menu.

Our office (and the architects who designed it) received two awards actually, as we have also been recognized in "Healthy Office" category. The jury really liked the way our office works with sound proofing, light, and fresh air supply.

We are really proud of our new home. SCS Software team continues to grow, we would really like to boost our capacity and accelerate our releases. Actually, we are already eyeing another expansion of the office space, there is still free space on the same floor just next to us! ;)

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Warming up for ATS: Special Transport

We have received a lot of positive feedback to our recently-released ETS2 Special Transport DLC. We continue to work on it - more routes are coming as well as various subtle code improvements. Meanwhile, we are bombarded with questions about a comparable expansion for American Truck Simulator, and we feel that we should not keep you completely in the dark. We are happy to confirm that ATS will also receive its own oversize loads!

Our vehicle team is currently building a bunch of new massive cargoes for ATS, so the route designers have to use placeholders for now. When the creators are setting up the route parameters, a ton of testing and iterating is required to make sure that the given cargo can get from point A to point B smoothly but with just the right level of challenge for the players. This is very time consuming, so we had better start on "scripting" the routes before the final cargo models are available. Let's take a look at a couple of screenshots below...

You can see our special cargo placeholder trailer. Our designers use it to verify that a particular cargo we have in our plans will eventually fit through critical places of the in-game world. If it doesn't fit, usually we try to tweak the map, perhaps raise a bridge by a feet or two, or move a big rock a bit further from a tight bend on the road. If such a change would ruin the place, we have to find and set up an alternate route. As you can see, some places are rather tight, with only a few inches of space left to drive thru!

Our Special Transport development team is spending a lot of time pulling this placeholder trailer, and as a joke they've started to call this weird empty box "the aquarium". When the vehicle team heard about it, they've decided to elaborate on this little joke. So now, when we're looking for suitable routes, we're also taking the SCS Hammerhead shark for a nice ride. :-)

Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Year of the Dog

The traditional Chinese zodiac is repeating a 12-year cycle. Each year is represented by a zodiac animal - 2018 is the Year of the Dog. To celebrate accordingly, we updated the ETS 2 Chinese Paint Jobs Pack, and added a new cabin paint job to it. It is just a small cosmetic update which is free for everybody who already owns the DLC, of course.

To make these celebrations even more festive, we are joining Steam's Lunar New Year sale with a dedicated Lunar New Year ETS2 Steam bundle.

Happy Year of the Dog!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Truckers.FM at SCS Software

We had a very nice visit from Truckers.FM guys at the end of January. They are (as many of you know) the biggest and certainly the most vocal online radio stream for ETS 2 and ATS player's community. We really like and appreciate what these guys have achieved. Over the years, they have invested so much of their free time to bring joy, great events and cool music for all virtual truckers around the world.

We've been in touch with Alex a.k.a DJ London for a long time but unfortunately we never had a chance to meet in person. Until now, when he and his brother were on their trip to Prague. It was a perfect opportunity to invite them to our labs!

You can read their own coverage of the visit and look what they have been up to and how they enjoyed their trip at this link.

Thank you guys, we really enjoyed the time we have spent with you!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

KRONE trailers coming to Euro Truck Simulator 2

If you follow our social media channels, you must have noticed that we have posted a couple of photos from our visit to KRONE manufacturing plant back in November of last year. It wasn't just a regular visit, as it involved a lot of photography over a period of two days - to make sure we get high-quality 3D scans of several of the trailers there. The fan response was very positive, of course, a new official license for our games is always welcome.

We are happy to confirm that the negotiations have been successfully concluded and that we have shaken hands on bringing a selection of KRONE trailers as a new DLC to Euro Truck Simulator 2!

While our crew was taking pictures of the various trailers, KRONE's marketing team took the opportunity to interview our guys and document their work. This short documentary was just released to KRONE's YouTube channel today, and we are happy to bring it our fans as well...

It is really exciting when the licensing partners take our work so seriously and recognize the opportunity to raise the visibility of their brand through our cooperation! This is definitely not the last bit of news on this topic so you may consider checking out KRONE's TwitterInstagram, and Facebook profiles from time to time, or simply show them a bit of your appreciation for being ready to join the ETS2 universe. The power and engagement of our fan community is a strong factor when we approach tentative licensing partners.

We have no ETA to announce yet for the new DLC, but our vehicle art team is already on the job, doing their best to raise the quality bar once again. Together with our programmers and designers, they are working on some really cool stuff related to trailers in gameplay. ;-)

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Something (else) is cooking!

After our last "chef’s" post and all the wild guesses, we thought you deserve another look under the lid. Moreover, we can't resist the urge to show you a couple of pictures from another new region!

Two weeks ago, your guesses (of what was ultimately revealed as Oregon for ATS) took the comments sections on our blog, Facebook and Steam community pages by storm. We're wondering, will the new batch be as intriguing for you?

A few tiny hints are scattered here and there, which can lead you to the right answer - but it’s not that easy this time! Is there someone who can pinpoint the new area with absolute certainty?

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Which way to go? Beaver knows!

It's been two years since the release of American Truck Simulator. These were very hectic and demanding times for our development team but gave us all a lot of joy, too. Over the development of the game, the dedicated ATS team size has grown from the starting brave four to almost forty people at this moment. And we keep on growing, as we are acutely aware that we need to produce more content and more features at a quicker pace.

Our latest addition to ATS universe - the New Mexico map expansion - won the hearts of our players and has been critically acclaimed by both media and the community. We're extremely grateful for it, it gives us the energy to do our job the best we can and the desire to surpass ourselves and push the boundaries further.

We posted a few photo-hints in our previous teaser blog post to start your imagination. It's time to lift the veil now and show you the next step in ATS world development. There are several possible and logical directions... East? Or North? Can it be Northeast? Rest assured that serious research and pre-production is happening in all these directions, but for actual production, the winner is North! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to ... Oregon!

Oregon, the Beaver State, will be the new addition. Depicting the very diverse environments across Northern America is always an exciting challenge for us. Oregon's nature surpasses everything we've encountered so far. Extensive deep forests, dense shrublands, deep calm lakes, wide rivers, steep mountain ranges, volcanoes, high desert, and the Pacific Ocean's coastline. All stacked onto territory just a little larger than the United Kingdom!

Natural diversity is, of course, reflected in demographics and industry. You can look forward to the in-game economy being extended by the local industry corresponding to the reality of Oregon, like traditional wood harvesting and processing at sawmills followed by paper mills and the furniture industry. We have not forgotten about other industries like technologically advanced Silicon Forest and other manufacturing centers.

Make sure to follow our blog, we'll publish a series that introduces our newest map expansion Oregon and bring interesting news from development.

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