Tuesday, May 31, 2022

American Truck Simulator: Lode King & Prestige Trailers Pack DLC

There were many theories circling around about this potential project for quite a while and today we are truly excited to share the great news with our #BestCommunityEver. We can now officially announce that we have teamed up with Lode King & Prestige Trailers in order to bring their amazing trailers to American Truck Simulator!

Lode King Industries is an extremely popular and reliable Canada-based trailer manufacturer. Since its founding in 1980, the company became one of the most important manufacturers of commercial highway transport trailers and it boasts a strong reputation due to their high-quality product design and highly skilled employees. 

In addition to using the name for a special trailer line, Lode King has also decided to create a company called Prestige Trailers, with which they offer their amazing products specially adjusted for the US market and customers. 

For the Lode King brand, there will be 8 different trailers - 3 drop decks, 3 flatbeds, 2 grain hoppers, with every model of the drop decks and flatbeds having different color styles and unique accessories. The special Prestige line will offer Single and B-double configurations, each with its own unique axle setup.

From the Prestige Trailers brand, the game will offer 7 trailers - 3 drop decks, 3 flatbeds, 1 grain hopper. The drop decks and flatbeds will have up to 10 different axle configurations, with an option to select one from up to 3 different floor materials.

All in all, everything mentioned above will add up to a fairly large number of trailer combinations with the DLC coming to American Truck Simulator. Plus you will have a high amount of changeable parts, such as markers, chassis, fenders, mudflaps, bodies, and more! And as a visual bonus, you can rest assured that all the trailers and accessories will have official brand logos!

We are extremely proud to have partnered up with these brands for this incredible DLC arriving for ATS. As always when it comes to fresh additions to the game, make sure to let us know how you like these new trailers and their different combinations via social media while tagging us (TwitterFacebookInstagramTikTok) but also Lode King (TwitterFacebookInstagram) / Prestige Trailers (TwitterFacebookInstagram) themselves. We hope to see your mighty trucks and shiny trailers on the road!

Monday, May 30, 2022

Heart of Russia DLC Statement

Our dearest community,

We’ve been receiving a lot of questions from you about the future of Heart of Russia, our map expansion DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2. So today, after much consideration, we feel it is time to respond by shedding some light on the situation for everyone.

On the 24th of February 2022, our Heart of Russia team was some 6-8 weeks away from completing work on the highly anticipated new DLC. We all felt really good about the result; a lot of effort had been invested in making this new region look truly fantastic in the game. We were absolutely sure that our community, especially those in Russia, would really appreciate that.

Then, all of a sudden, the entire world was rocked by the news that Ukraine had been invaded by Russia. We were in shock.

With deep concern, we watched the news about the war, and we quickly realized we had to do something to help those who were suffering. Immediately, we started contributing to several charities providing humanitarian aid within the territory of Ukraine and assistance to those who were evacuating. Later on, with the kind participation of the #BestCommunityEver, we have further increased the donations by contributing all the proceeds from the sales of the Ukrainian Paint Jobs Pack DLC. It’s incredible to see that, as of now, over 85,000 of you have decided to purchase it and contribute to this noble cause. Thank you!

However, now Heart of Russia DLC was facing a lot of uncertainty. We asked ourselves many questions, including the obvious ones. Can we ever release the Heart of Russia DLC? Should we even finish the work? Since then, we have finally consolidated our thoughts.

When developing our games we try to be as apolitical as possible, in a way shielding the global player audience from everyday controversies. We quite like the idea that our shared passion, for a truck simulation, allows people to connect, to pay a virtual visit to a neighbouring country in peace, and to enjoy a hobby that we commonly share, rather than allowing anything divisive to set us apart. But since our DLC, Heart of Russia, directly concerns Russia, and with so many people suffering, we decided to refrain from releasing the DLC so that it is not perceived in any way as being in support of or tolerance of the aggression.

We strongly believe that there is hope for the proud people of Ukraine to prevail and for the suffering to end for all. Injustice cannot and must not win. And, when the time comes for Ukraine to rebuild and heal, then we will endeavour to find a way for our Heart of Russia DLC to play whatever part it can in that healing process, for everyone.

Let us work together and live in hope that the days of despair and grief will be over soon.

Thank you for your patience, understanding, and support.

SCS Software.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Renault Trucks T Tuning Pack DLC

It feels like the hype train for today’s announcement has been so loud it could probably be heard by astronauts in space. And while we’d like to say that sky is the limit for this new content, it will be much better to keep your wheels on the ground. After all, how else would you enjoy everything that is arriving in the Renault Trucks T Tuning Pack DLC?!

With a wide range of tuning options, this pack will make sure you will always stand out while on the roads of ETS2. Featuring paint jobs, cabin accessories, and many exterior tuning parts, such as sideskirts, chassis covers, bumpers, fenders, mudflaps, exhausts, sun visors, stoneguards, trims, deflectors, front masks and grilles, bull bars, light bars, headlight guards, and much more! But this is not all, since, in case you missed it, we have added a new interior variant into the game in the 1.44 update, which is a free update that does not require the DLC pack.

While this DLC consists of mostly aftermarket parts, we are also going to bring you some items officially licensed by Renault Trucks. In order for you to be able to tell which category an item belongs to, we have decided to add a unique in-game UI feature as well in the recent update, which shows you a special icon indicating whether the item of your choice is Licensed or Aftermarket. We have already introduced this change in the 1.44 update and you can learn more details in the dedicated blog post.

We can’t wait for you to show us all the combinations of customizations that this DLC pack is offering. The best way to do so is via social media by tagging our official account (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok) under the hashtag #TuneMyT, and make sure to include Renault Trucks as well (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). We’re sure their social media profiles are also excited to see what the #BestCommunityEver will come up with!

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Montana: Border Summit Pass

Towering high above the U.S state borders of Montana and Idaho is the Bitterroot Range; a subrange of the northern Rocky Mountains. As Montana's largest mountain range, it spans a whopping 24,223 square miles along the border, and with that much mountain, travelers will need to pass through somewhere! 

In our upcoming Montana DLC for American Truck Simulator, truckers will be able to drive through 3 of these border passes. Let's take a closer look at them, shall we? 

Lost Trail Pass

Located on US Highway 93, The Lost Trail Pass is located at the south end of the Bitterroot Valley. So, why is this area called the Lost Trail Pass? Its name was appointed in 1935 by the state in recognition of the Lewis & Clark expedition; A perilous adventure was undertaken in 1805 by the Corps of Discovery with the much-needed help of local Native American tribes. 

Traveling with just horses and their own two feet, these brave individuals led their men forward through the rugged & treacherous mountains that laid ahead. They ended up leaving the beaten and rugged trail in hopes they would shave time off their journey, but this was one of the worst decisions they could have made as they faced great danger, wild animals, steep terrain, and extreme weather. 

Today, the area is a lot safer to pass through, thanks to modern technology and vehicles; and unlike Lewis & Clark, many flock to the area to enjoy the scenery, hiking trails, skiing, and more! 

Lookout Pass

Lookout Pass was part of the first big boom of National Ski areas in the US. The ski area was said to have been first used by a group of Scandinavians local to the Idaho/Montana border area, who discovered the area when they hopped off a traveling freight train.

Officially established as an alpine skiing area in 1935, Lookout Pass is located in the Northern Rocky Mountains at the crest of the Bitterroot Range on Interstate 90.

In 1938, the area was officially opened to the public by the Idaho Ski Club under the name Lookout Pass Ski Area which still operates as a popular destination for tourists and locals alike!

Lolo Pass

With an elevation of 5,242ft above sea level, the Lolo Pass (also known as the Passage Scenic Byway) offers drivers views of gorgeous meadows, mountain peaks, and forested hills. Located along US-12, it is another area where the famous Lewis & Clark expedition passed through in 1805. 

In fact, the Lola Pass Visitor Center serves as one of the many historical landmarks. The buildings were a part of an old nearby ranger station, which was moved in 1977 and restored to meet the increased demands of an information center. 

Today, the visitor center displays information on the Lewis and Clark journey across the Bitterroot Mountains and the 1877 flight of the Nez Perce Tribe and tells historical, natural, and general information about the area.

With so much history, natural beauty, and resorts in the area, it's easy to see why so many visit these border summit passes. As for us truckers, it serves as an important route for safe passage through otherwise wild and rugged terrain.

Montana still has plenty more to explore, so if you want to show us your excitement, make sure to add the map expansion to your Steam Wishlist! Also, to never miss out on anything important, you can also follow our social media profiles (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok), subscribe to our newsletter, or check out our Montana microsite.

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Texas - El Paso

Situated at the edge of the U.S.-Mexico border, the West Texas town of El Paso is home to a range of cultures and historical sites unique to the Lone Star State. An average of 320 days of sunshine has earned it the nickname “Sun City,” so you’re practically guaranteed to spend your visit enjoying the outdoors. 

El Paso is within a few hours’ drive to some of the most spectacular places in the southwestern USA including several national parks. With scenic mountains in the distance and unique coloured road elements, such as painted bridges, El Paso is a colourful city to visit! 

One unique industry that El Paso will feature is its International Airport, where drivers will be able to deliver to and from. We can't wait to show you more in the future from this depot along with other industries in Texas.

With all the driving you'll be doing across the state, you'll need to take a rest at some point, and El Paso is a perfect place for a stop! Featuring one of the largest Truck Stops in American Truck Simulator so far, make sure to take advantage of all that space. 

Also, don’t forget to keep an eye out for our Texas DLC microsite, which contains a lot of interesting and exclusive content. And finally, check out our social media profiles (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) and give them a follow, or subscribe to our newsletter, to stay in touch with the latest news!