Wednesday, May 4, 2022

California Rework - Sacramento

We have already shown you several interesting locations on our blog from the upcoming California Rework project for American Truck Simulator. However, today we will present to you the changes of something truly special. After all, every state can only have one capital city, and in this case, it is the well-known city of Sacramento!

Sacramento has technically been the capital of California since 1854, so you can clearly see the historical importance that this entire area has nowadays. But, as is often the case, long history goes hand in hand with progress and development of the local industry, therefore, in order to better represent the city’s rich economy in our game, we have decided to not only generally expand it but we are also adding a large logistical park to the southeastern part of the city. Apart from having a very special entrance that will lead to various industrial buildings, such as warehouses, the addition also serves as a great example of our desire to showcase the zoning of cities.

From the perspective of overall infrastructure, the original layout of the city in the game was doing a fairly insufficient job of representing the real-life counterpart. That is why we have made several corrections to the junctions and the road layout, and hopefully, all those who are familiar with Sacramento in the real world will now see the similarities. This road network change has also presented an opportunity the add a part of the long request US 50 road, which we are planning on further extending in the future.

The updated scale of the city will cover almost four times the size of the original one, which also means an addition of several new landmark buildings, small details around the center, and even an opportunity to spot a landmark tram on a specific location! And an interesting fact for those who are familiar with the real location, we've included a famous truck stop as well!

Finally, the reworked downtown is going to receive a great improvement as well, and it will be really close to a 1:1 scale. Your experience of entering the city from this side will also further be enhanced by several new in-game assets, which were specifically designed for this area.

If we’ve managed to get you excited for the upcoming California Rework project, you can try it out for yourself right now on the 1.44 Open Beta Steam branch! In order to find out how to access it, check out THIS blog post dedicated to all the features coming in the update. We truly hope to see you all on the roads of the beautiful state of California!

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