Tuesday, May 31, 2022

American Truck Simulator: Lode King & Prestige Trailers Pack DLC

There were many theories circling around about this potential project for quite a while and today we are truly excited to share the great news with our #BestCommunityEver. We can now officially announce that we have teamed up with Lode King & Prestige Trailers in order to bring their amazing trailers to American Truck Simulator!

Lode King Industries is an extremely popular and reliable Canada-based trailer manufacturer. Since its founding in 1980, the company became one of the most important manufacturers of commercial highway transport trailers and it boasts a strong reputation due to their high-quality product design and highly skilled employees. 

In addition to using the name for a special trailer line, Lode King has also decided to create a company called Prestige Trailers, with which they offer their amazing products specially adjusted for the US market and customers. 

For the Lode King brand, there will be 8 different trailers - 3 drop decks, 3 flatbeds, 2 grain hoppers, with every model of the drop decks and flatbeds having different color styles and unique accessories. The special Prestige line will offer Single and B-double configurations, each with its own unique axle setup.

From the Prestige Trailers brand, the game will offer 7 trailers - 3 drop decks, 3 flatbeds, 1 grain hopper. The drop decks and flatbeds will have up to 10 different axle configurations, with an option to select one from up to 3 different floor materials.

All in all, everything mentioned above will add up to a fairly large number of trailer combinations with the DLC coming to American Truck Simulator. Plus you will have a high amount of changeable parts, such as markers, chassis, fenders, mudflaps, bodies, and more! And as a visual bonus, you can rest assured that all the trailers and accessories will have official brand logos!

We are extremely proud to have partnered up with these brands for this incredible DLC arriving for ATS. As always when it comes to fresh additions to the game, make sure to let us know how you like these new trailers and their different combinations via social media while tagging us (TwitterFacebookInstagramTikTok) but also Lode King (TwitterFacebookInstagram) / Prestige Trailers (TwitterFacebookInstagram) themselves. We hope to see your mighty trucks and shiny trailers on the road!

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