Saturday, September 30, 2023

PC System Requirements Update

Our primary goal has always been to balance the quality of new content with the playability of our games on diverse hardware setups. Over the past decade, we've managed to maintain compatibility with a wide range of systems while consistently enhancing both visuals and gameplay. This commitment extends to our main titles, DLCs, and map rework projects.

We'd like to inform you that we're updating our recommended PC specs, particularly for GPU, CPU, and memory, while advocating for a shift from HDD to SSD to significantly enhance performance. The infographic below outlines these changes. We believe our revised requirements are both appropriate and timely for those considering system upgrades.

Remarkably, our hardware requirements have stayed largely consistent since 2012. However, with the advancements in our latest and upcoming content for both ETS2 and ATS, we believe it's time to update our system requirements. These updates clarify the hardware necessary for optimal performance, targeting a gameplay experience of 1080p at 30 FPS on medium to low settings. It is fair to admit that the hardware we previously suggested may no longer deliver this standard with our newer content and upcoming feature enhancements. The graphics card we originally recommended hasn't been available on the market for years, making it impractical as a reference, so updating the recommendations based on more recent hardware is warranted.

Our games will still run on older systems—we don't wish to disappoint our dedicated fans by making their existing hardware obsolete. However, the experience might not consistently meet our 30 FPS benchmark. If this is the case, we recommend adjusting and possibly further lowering the in-game quality settings to improve the framerate.

Technically, these system requirement changes will become relevant with the release of the upcoming 1.48.5 maintenance update. However, we wanted to provide this information now and explain the rationale, as we're about to start updating all game and DLC pages on the Steam store.

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

West Balkans - Languages and Signs

On your travels in the West Balkans region, you will encounter a large variety of road signage featuring a range of different languages. Our signage, assets and research teams have been working together to create accurate and realistic signs; which we are happy to share some examples of with you today. 

Each region has its own unique signage, which road users must understand and obey. These signs can indicate to drivers a range of information such as dangers on the road ahead to posted speed limits or alternative routes. 

We spoke with our 'Road Sign Specialist' Voytek, and asked him if he had a rough idea of how many signs have been created for this upcoming DLC. "Over 1600 unique navigation signs have been created for the West Balkans and only a small part of them was altered to match the in-game situation, with almost all of them true to their real-life counterparts. It's again a record over our previous additions."

Along with the native languages spoken across the West Balkans, you'll also find some signs that feature bilingual texts, or two different alphabets. These can often be found on navigation signs or toll signage.  

So when it comes to travelling to the West Balkans, be sure to take a good look at the signs when you pass them. They'll contain all the information you need for a safe drive on the road. If you like what you see, this is your sign to add the West Balkans DLC to your Steam Wishlist. We look forward to sharing more news in the near future, until then, keep on truckin'! 

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Kansas - New Industries

When you are out on the road hauling cargo while exploring the uncharted roads of a new map expansion, it’s easy to get distracted by the wonderful nature and historical landmarks. However, there are three things you should keep in mind wherever you go: where you are driving from, what is your destination, and what your cargo is. For many of you, new industries in the DLCs breathe fresh air into your journey, and we’re glad to showcase new content that you’ll find in the upcoming Kansas DLC.

Battery Factory

Electrical energy is one of the main driving forces in today's world. Its production runs almost continuously, but its consumption fluctuates with demand. For this reason, it is necessary to store it somewhere, and that's where batteries come into play. Help keep humanity running by delivering batteries for electronics, warehouse power, and vehicles, including trucks.

Aerostructures Factory

Kansas is known for its rich aviation history, and it remains a thriving hub for aviation production to this day. As a matter of fact, one-third of all commercial aircraft manufactured in the USA comes from this state! The main production center is the city of Wichita, which is globally recognized as the "Air Capital of the World". Here you will find a new landmark aircraft parts manufacturing depot set within a large complex. Inside and out, a significant amount of bulky cargo will be transported.

Aviation Services

Just like trucks, airplanes occasionally require maintenance or repairs. This is where the new Aviation Service depot comes into play. Workers here take care of various types of flying machines to ensure they continue to safely transport cargo and passengers worldwide. Deliver the materials they need, sometimes even directly to the hangar near the planes, but be careful, aviation equipment is expensive.

Wichita Air Cargo

As mentioned earlier, Wichita is a city of the aviation industry, and a lot of cargo is transported to and from this city by air. This requires a suitable cargo terminal at the local airport and in Kansas DLC, we will have a new depot faithful to the real-world counterpart. 

Building Material Factory

In the real world and in ATS, time and progress never stop. Whether it's building new structures, repairing existing ones, or modernizing, you need construction materials for everything. Our new company, Building Material Factory, supplies a range of materials that customers on construction sites, in warehouses, or in stores are waiting for. But before that can happen, you first need to deliver a variety of raw materials for production. 

Car Factory

Kansas may not be among the most well-known car manufacturers, but you'll still find an automobile factory here. The factory in Kansas City used to produce airplanes, but it has been manufacturing cars since 1947. In this new landmark depot, you'll deliver various types of cargo necessary for car production, so that the finished vehicles are ready for delivery to their customers.

Food Factory

Food. Who doesn't love it? It's a fundamental necessity of life. Most of us acquire food from the store, but it doesn't just appear there. It has to be produced in factories from various imported raw materials. And in Kansas DLC, you will find a new version of such a factory. A modern production plant produces a variety of delicious treats that customers can't wait to get their hands on. 

Salt Mine

Deep beneath the city of Hutchinson lies a great treasure: salt. It might seem mundane to some, but salt is an important resource for food preparation and the production of many industrial products. Animals love it, and it helps motorists get home safely. Help the miners from the local mine extract high-quality salt with your deliveries, which you can then distribute to various customers throughout the ATS world.

Parking Lot Construction

Occasionally, there are breakdowns in underground networks, and excavation work is necessary to repair them. Now, you can encounter this in American Truck Simulator as well. Workers need fast deliveries of materials to ensure quick repairs and the full restoration of critical resources. Breakdowns can happen anywhere, so keep a close eye on the job list to make sure you don't miss any.

So, go ahead and let us know in the comments which new industry you would like to first visit once the Kansas DLC is available. And, if you are already impatient to see more, show us your excitement by adding the map expansion to your Steam Wishlist and follow our social media (X/TwitterInstagramFacebookTikTok) in order to stay in touch with all the latest news.

Saturday, September 23, 2023

SCS On The Road - Scania Museum Tour

We're returning to Europe in the latest episode of our SCS On The Road series. Earlier this year, we had the privilege of taking a trip to Södertälje, Sweden, where we were able to visit the world-famous Scania Museum! 

From its early beginnings on the rails, to making their way onto the roads, this is one episode you won't want to miss. Join us as we are given a guided tour by Raul Fernández, who taught us so much about the history, present and future of Scania.

We want to give a massive thank you to him and the team at Scania who made our visit possible and that we could share it with you. We hope you enjoy the wealth of knowledge that he shares with you throughout the video and that you learn a thing or two about Scania and its history. 

So what are you waiting for? Make sure to give it a watch and let us know in the comments something you found interesting. Like did you know the origin of Scania's logo?

If you haven't already, make sure to give some of our previous episodes a view too, which can all be found on our official YouTube channel. See you on the road for the next episode!

Friday, September 22, 2023

Dynamic Billboards - Swift Transportation

After our first experiment featuring a giant of the American logistics industry on our in-game dynamic billboards, we are now opening this opportunity to yet another huge logistics company: Swift Transportation.

Swift Transportation is a renowned and long-established transportation company with a rich history dating back to its founding in 1966. With a vast fleet of trucks and a dedicated workforce, the company specializes in providing a wide range of transportation solutions, along with a strong commitment to safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

With this new cooperation, we hope to continue inspiring our ATS players who share a deep interest in real-life trucks. For those who have always been intrigued by the idea of a career as a truck driver, this could be the spark that ignites a lifelong journey. 

We believe that even the smallest gestures can have a profound impact. By showcasing industry-related content within the game, we aim to create meaningful connections between virtual worlds and real-world opportunities. As countless players pass by our in-game billboards, who knows? Someone might see a recruitment billboard from Swift Transportation and take that as a sign to explore a career in trucking.

We are happy and honored that Swift Transportation is another mega logistics company seeing huge potential within our #BestCommunityEver and helping us experiment with this innovative concept. 

We hope and believe that together, we have a chance to light the path to new careers and aspirations for our ATS players, who are not only virtual truckers but also real-life trucking fans.

Thursday, September 21, 2023

West Balkans - New Cargoes to Haul

With new roads and countries comes new cargoes to haul too! Our team has created these new loads in connection with some of the new industries you'll find in our upcoming West Balkans DLC. However, these won't be limited to just the DLC area, as all Euro Truck Simulator 2 players will be able to enjoy these new options too.

The West Balkan region is home to many automakers, from where drivers can haul deliveries of new vehicles across Europe! These include cars and vans, all which are hauled on a variety of specialty trailers designed for the safe transport of multiple vehicles.

You may find that some of the van chassis you haul will be delivered to a factory where caravans are assembled, which is one of the newer industries you can find in the West Balkans. From here you can haul completed caravans from the factory line across Europe!  

The aluminium sector also plays an important role for the local economy, with the production of ingots and profiles. Drivers will be able to haul these unique cargo from their point of production onwards to other industries around Europe. 

We're excited to bring these new cargoes to haul into Euro Truck Simulator 2, and that they bring a new variety of contracts to your job market list! We look forward to sharing more news on the West Balkans DLC in the near future, so be sure to keep tabs on the blog and our social media channels for the latest. Until next time, keep on truckin'!