Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Nebraska - Nature in General

Nebraska’s nature is unlikely to attract crowds of tourists, yet it's clear that exploring this charming state offers a wonderful chance to uncover some of the state's lesser-known treasures. This region boasts quite a number of unique characteristics, such as the Sandhills and an impressive amount of rivers.

Nebraska's landscape is characterized by its vast and open spaces, with much of the state being part of the Great Plains region, which stretches across much of central and western Nebraska. These prairies provide habitats for various species of wildlife and offer a true sense of freedom and tranquility for visitors and locals alike.

With so much open and natural space, Nebraska provides the perfect conditions for a variety agriculture businesses. Therefore it is of no surprise that you'll see and deliver to many farm areas, growing a variety of plants, crops, corn, and more.

In the Sandhills region of Nebraska, you'll find a unique and striking landscape of rolling sand dunes covered in native grasses. This area is known for its distinctive beauty and relatively untouched nature, which makes this special environment a peaceful sanctuary that feels far removed from the bustling world.

Given the states vastness and open areas, our teams aspires to portray Nebraska's reality, however, this comes with a few challenges. We continue to remain mindful and aware of the players POV, to create a journey that has purpose and matches expectations both gameplay and scenery wise. We hope we can find the right balance given how vast and open Nebraska truly is. We are open to hear your thoughts on how this could be achieved in the blog comments or on our forums.

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