Monday, October 23, 2017

American Truck Simulator Update 1.29 Open Beta

We are happy to announce that the 1.29 Update Open Beta for American Truck Simulator is out. Actually, the first build was released on Friday already, we have kind of soft-launched it before the weekend.

There are a lot of changes under the hood in this new game version, there may have been new instabilities introduced. So we thought that we should only expose a limited number of players to the very first iteration of the beta progress, see the reaction, and only then decide if we should start talking aloud about it. Well, the initial reaction was reasonably positive, so here we go!

Let's elaborate on what you can expect and enjoy in this game update...


  • Map improvements (over 600 miles of new roads) - look for US-101 (CA), I-15, US-93 (AZ), CA 190 and few more.
  • Complete overhaul of navigation algorithms (direction aware, multiple modes)
  • Environmental lighting rebalance
  • Two new trailers (food tank and mobile barrier)


  • New road signs (like sign historic Route 66)
  • Time zones support (will be handy in the future!)
  • 4 roads connecting the future expansion to New Mexico
  • reworked/new police cars (including strobe lights)
  • Basic engine and transmission info in quick job truck tooltip.
  • Trailers with state-specific legal restrictions are towed only to services in given states.
  • AI traffic improvements
  • Many many hundreds of small map bug fixes - visual glitches, and speed limits


  • New interactive tool for environmental lighting and weather setting (included in the editor).
  • New interactive tool for traffic behavior and rules debugging (included in the editor).
  • New scene preview tool (included in the editor).
  • New navigation parameters in map data.
  • Assistance service parameters in economy data.
  • Truck scale weight cost in economic data.

If you wish to participate in the open beta, you can find this version in the public_beta branch on Steam. The way to access it is as follows: Steam client → LIBRARY → right click on American Truck Simulator → Properties → Betas tab → public_beta → 1.29 public beta. No password required.

Just as with the previous Open Beta releases - please keep in mind that this is still only a beta version of the update! You may experience instability and/or bugs and kinks. It’s completely okay if you want to wait for the final release. But if you are interested in providing feedback at this stage, be sure to let us know about your findings on our forum; you can join the general discussion here, and report any bugs here. We appreciate all your feedback.

Friday, October 20, 2017

A TV Show Visit

A few days ago, we were visited by a crew from Czech TV Show "DVA3" - they looked genuinely interested in taking a look at what we are working on.

We decided to show them a glimpse of an internal project that has been underway for well over a year. Fortunately, it looks like we will soon get this work into shape for release (no release date announcement yet though, you know that we only release stuff "when it's done"). Anyway, the project looks very promising now, and we are happy to start showing it to our fans, as some of the curious visitors of Warsaw Games Week last week could confirm.

The DVA3 show also has a YouTube channel to complement the TV show, so we can share the video from their visit to the new SCS Software office with you. It's in Czech language, but they were quite forthcoming to add English subtitles.

So here it is, a work-in-progress peek at our upcoming "Special Transport" DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2. Stay tuned, because more info about it will come soon.

And a message for the DVA3 team - thank you for your visit and the time you've spent with us, good luck with your show, and we hope to see you again soon!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

New Mexico DLC Promo Trailer

As we are putting finishing touches on the New Mexico DLC for American Truck Simulator, we also need to finalize all the various marketing and promo material, so that we are ready for the release day.

One of the key elements is the promotional video trailer. We have been working on it for several days already, and today we are finally happy with the result.

We decided that we should not sit on it until the launch date. Instead, we want to show it to our game's fans now, ahead of the release, to whet your appetite. ;)

Friday, October 13, 2017

New World of Trucks Event: Double-trailer Logistics

American Truck Simulator players deserve their own dedicated event on World of Trucks, and we are launching one just now...

Of all internal projects in SCS Software's production pipeline, the New Mexico DLC for ATS is closest to the finish line. Our team of map designers, QA specialists, and programmers, in cooperation with our volunteer community testers, is in the final stretch of bug fixing and optimizing of the content to make it ready for release. As the saying goes, they are doubling down on their work. The word "doubling" or "double" happens to be our inspiration for the upcoming event.

What if, rather then building the digital rendition of New Mexico in the comfort of our office, we have really been working out there, on the roads, in the fields, towns, or real cities? We would need to double the amount of raw material, tools, parts, and supplies delivered across the economy network so that it can eventually reach all the builders, roadmakers, gardeners, vegetation planters, and everyone involved in building New Mexico and help them work even faster. And that's where our player community comes to play, this gives us the motive for the next World of Trucks event... we hope for your support. Actually, double support!

Let's use "doubles" to double the amount of cargo on the roads! However, we wonder, do we have enough skilled drivers for such a task? Can you answer the call of 'double trailer' duty and haul some supplies to various places around American Truck Simulator?

Now straight to the rules of this new World of Trucks event.

What we need you to do:

Transport a total of 300.000 lb of cargo using only Double Trailers. Do so with jobs connected to World of Trucks, while playing American Truck Simulator, of course. For every delivery, the destination city must be different. Only deliveries with planned trip distance over 100 miles are eligible. We want to give you plenty of time, so we set the deadline to December 3, 2017.

What is the reward:

A new main-menu scene for American Truck Simulator - atmospheric sunset background for your truck. This scene will be delivered to your game as a Steam inventory item on completion of the event assignment. Also, a unique World of Trucks achievement.

See you on the road!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Italia: New Industries

Industries are the backbone of the economy and the main engine of transport business in our simulators because cargo transportation is the most important basic task we put on our players. Local industries and their demands in our games must at least partially reflect the real industry in a given country. Some of the cargoes you will be transporting include, for example, typical Italian scooters.

Carrara marble quarries are one of the largest and yet carefully constructed industries that you can find on the new map of Italy. Marble from these mines belongs to appreciated materials for buildings, monuments, and sculptures since ancient times. We hope you will enjoy plenty of turning bends on their dusty gravel roads.

Steel plant at Taranto is another of the industrial structures built directly for Italia; the largest steelworks in Europe. This giant is one of those industrial stops that you will not forget easily. It's simply huge.

We are confident that you will fall in love with the new map and its unique feel, and transportation of new cargoes will be fun and challenging to your driving skills.

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Monday, October 2, 2017

SCS On The Road: The wheels go round and round

We continue our journey across Europe, meeting fans of our games and making new friendships on the way. After visiting several races, we dare to say that our sim trailer and our crew have become a part of the big family that is the traveling band of FIA European Truck Racing Championship. We continue our mission to become more visible to the transportation industry, hoping for new opportunities and new partnerships that would help us further improve our games.

We have returned from the most recent FIA ETRC race at Le Mans tired but excited. It's still very inspiring talking to our fans, even if may hit a language barrier problem from time to time. We have also managed to start or continue some very promising business opportunity discussions.

Truck racing at Le Mans has a long tradition, it is one of the biggest events on the circuit, and it has a really unique atmosphere. On the parking lots all around, there were hundreds and hundreds of really amazing trucks, with lots of tuning and cool paint jobs. The Saturday evening truck parade was breathtaking, and the crazy evening stung show and fireworks attracted crowds of tens of thousands. Witnessing this aspect of the trucking phenomenon is still an eye opener for most of us, even if we have tried to touch it in our games for some years already. Let us share a few photos from the event with you...

There are only a few days left before the very last race weekend of this season's FIA European Truck Racing Championship. It is taking place at Circuito del Jarama in Spain, on the 7th and 8th of October. We will be very happy to meet our Spanish fans who make it to Jarama and to our sim trailer, please come and try our games on our 4D motion seats.

Right after Jarama, we will be in a hurry again, as we are looking forward to meeting our Polish fans at the Warsaw Games Week!

Friday, September 29, 2017

New Mexico: Albuquerque

Albuquerque presents one of the major road network nodes in New Mexico expansion. It is not a great surprise that we paid a bigger than a small amount of our time and attention to the virtual creation of the largest New Mexico city.

The Big I is a complex stack interchange located in central Albuquerque, New Mexico. This giant crossing of interstates proved to be a major challenge for our map design team. A huge structure in the middle of a city, combined with flat landscape not allowing us to use any limited-visibility tricks, it makes it really difficult to get enough fine detail into the scene. Too much detail is the enemy of high framerate, and finding the right balance is never easy when we build cities in our games.

As if the interchange in the center of Albuquerque was not enough of a task with all the AI traffic also affecting performance, there is a truckstop sitting right next to it. We decided to try our best to portray this situation in the New Mexico map expansion. We really hope that you will have fun visiting and exploring the city!

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Friday, September 22, 2017

Italia: Ring Roads

The choices that we have to make about the road network in our games are always difficult. With the scale of our virtual world being about 1:20 to reality, we have to be very selective about picking particular highways, cities, and parts of cities that should represent any given area.

We are always trying to pick locations that are characteristic for the regions and cities, but there is no way that we could squeeze in the whole pattern of a city's roads into the game map. In some cases, we manage to venture close to the city center with a major road artery. In most cases though, we have to pick a part of a ring road (beltway, beltline, loop) encircling the city, and a few important connecting roads there. The city skyline is only there on the horizon, but we still manage to identify and recreate a bunch of interesting landmarks up close for the players to drive by and recognize, aiming for the "Aha! I know this place!" moment.

All of the above, of course, also applies to the creation of our latest map expansion for Euro Truck Simulator 2: Italia. Our functional road network will serve us nicely there to connect industrial zones on the city ring roads, with many touches of reality, recognizable vantage points, and ambitious highway interchanges/junctions.

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

SCS On The Road: FIA ETRC Le Mans

The FIA European Truck Racing Championship is approaching the finish line and with it also our participation in this season. There are only two rounds left, one at the famous Le Mans in France and the very last battle will happen at the Circuito del Jarama in Spain.

Our small 'On The Road' crew and our Sim Trailer will be present at both of these events, so if you're going to visit any of them, make sure you won't miss our place in the Fan Village. Come and check out our new and unique Sim Trailer, take a photo with our team, and try our high-tech 4D motion seats. We have arrived in Le Mans today, and our crew is really looking forward to meeting with our games' fans!

Let's wrap up this post with a few photos from our travel diary - these are pictures from the previous race event at Circuit Zolder, Belgium.

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