Sunday, November 13, 2011

Deer Drive scores on Mac App Store

We know that majority of visitors of this blog comes here for the news of our truck simulators, but there are other things happening at SCS Software, too. One of our goals is reaching feature parity in our 3D engine between the Windows PC and Mac platforms. We have started executing on this strategy by first porting our older, simpler games to Mac - first with good old Bus Driver, and now with another older game Deer Drive.

Bus Driver experienced a very good start on Mac, and now several months after it was introduced to Mac App Store, it still regularly features in Top 100 Top Selling Games.

Deer Drive has started phenomenally, a few days after release it is now well inside Top 10 Top Selling Games.

These days of course we are fully focused on truck simulation, but this additional business actually makes significant contribution to sustaining the development of Euro Truck Simulator 2.

The next stage of the plan is porting the original Euro Truck Simulator to Mac, we hope to confirm that the genre can be as successful on Mac as it has been for us on Windows. The more players we can reach and turn into paying customers, the more feature-packed we can afford to make our future games!