Sunday, December 18, 2011

Truck Sound Recording

Today we have something different to show you... a short "making of" kind of video created by our friends from Silent Noise, who are helping us record a new database of truck sounds.

Some two weeks ago, we were recording Scania sounds. The R-series tractor and the trailer were kindly lent to us by Scania Czech Republic.

We have found a suitable place away from the civilization and background noise at the Tlustice airport. We spent most of the day there goofing with the tractor, also making tests and observations useful for our vehicle physics development. We actually continued late into the early morning hours - waiting until a nearby highway was mostly empty, so that we could record proper sounds while repeatedly going uphill and downhill on a steep incline near Lodenice.

We recorded a wide palette of sounds that day, way more than we can possibly use for Euro Truck Simulator 2. Hopefully with your kind support, we will find a way to use all those sounds in SCS Software's future truck sims.