Monday, April 2, 2012

Gas stations again

In our quest to portray the individual parts of Europe covered by the game as realistically as possible, we are trying to bring real world brands into the game. Of course we know that truck brands are the most important for you, and rest assured that we are putting a lot of effort into trying to secure as many of them as possible, but the other building blocks of the game play an important role, too.

Gas stations are a very visible element of the game just as they are essential for any real driver. We think that finding recognizable names in the game would help the players consider our world a lot more believable.

With the help of our Polish publishing partner CD Projekt, we are now in the process of approaching Orlen, one of the biggest refinery companies in Europe. Keep your fingers crossed that we can add another notional brick to the building of Euro Truck Simulator 2. The more such building blocks we can pile up, the higher importance the game will achieve in the eyes public and media, and the better our position for continuing to grow the game in the future.

You can help us here, too - when we show this YouTube clip to Orlen in a few days, it would be great if we could boast about a high number of views achieved quickly, and positive reception from our not-so-small hard core fan community. Would you like to have Orlen, Benzina and Star gas stations in Poland, Czech Republic and Germany? Let us know!

What you will see in this movie is just a quick prototype, to present the potential of the game to feature  the brands. In general whenever we can get a brand owner on our side, we are ready to give them dedicated attention to make sure they are comfortable with the detail and fidelity of their stuff as presented in the game world.

Disclaimer: appearance of real world brands in the finished game is subject to approval of the respective trademark owners and was used solely for the purpose of presenting the potential look-like in the game.