Friday, May 11, 2012

Scania Truck Driving Simulator playable at Polish YETD event

Tomorrow, the Young European Truck Driver competition already starts in Poland with local elimination rounds, in parallel at two different locations - SÅ‚upno (Radzymin) and Kalisz.

Our friends from CD Projekt are trying really hard to promote the upcoming game at both events - two teams are bringing in hardware and a beta version of the game so that the visitors of the events can test-drive the game. This is going to be the very first public appearance of STDS!

The photos above are from the assembly of the hardware, a pre-trip test done at CD Projekt offices earlier today. 

By the way, a year ago a similar public relations push was done at Master Truck Show in Opole as we have covered here on the blog. This year, we plan to be back with our games, too!
We are now close to the finish line, the game is nearly done, but we are still fixing some bugs and tweaking some elements. And translating the game already, with the big help of some of you, thanks! ;-)