Wednesday, May 23, 2012

We are still here!

Sorry about the news on the blog appearing slower than you might want. You constantly keep asking for news from both ETS2 as well as Scania TDS, but we are so swamped with work now that there is little time left for blogging.

We are in the final push on the Scania Truck Driving Simulator project (so this means the game is not yet finished - and the release will be is at least several weeks from now.) We now have a closed beta going on with an "inner circle" of people from the fan community whom we know we can fully trust. It's a major help for improving the quality of the game, but it also means that we needed to add a couple of extra days of development time for this final polishing. Lots of pictures and even YouTube movies were already posted by the testers, probably the one movie most representative of the game is a an almost 10-minute long gameplay video recorded from the Czech version of the beta:

We are definitely not slowing down with our work on Euro Truck Simulator 2. Remember that the games are developed by separate teams, and both projects actually benefit from each other by taking over the various improvements one or the other team comes up with. We are going to cover ETS2 in more depth soon here on the blog, for today, here is just one quick user interface screen shot.