Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Assorted Good News

Thanks to everybody who sent us e-mails praising, and sometimes criticizing Euro Truck Simulator 2. The avalanche of feedback was massive; we don't really have time to answer all the mails, but we are having really good time circulating them in the office (if they are positive), and even if they contain bug reports or suggestions they definitely are not ignored or lost.

Let's start with something big - we expect to be able to officially announce another truck manufacturer brand for ETS2 in a few days, and we hope to not stop on just one announcement in near future.

We got word that Euro Truck 2 is finally available on EA's Origin, so if you had a preorder with them or are thinking of using their service to buy the game, finally this is good news for you.

As for Steam and the ETS2 Greenlight campaign, the jury is still out. Over the past few days we have seen quite a boost in votes coming to support ETS2, yet strangely the game is not moving anywhere from the 23rd place where it has been a week ago.

Finally, we get repeated inquiries from fans interested in information about how ETS2 sales in their country are standing compared to other territories. When it comes to retail and major digital portals, it's still too early to understand the situation. We rely just on anecdotal information and ever-changing charts, like ETS2 currently sitting at #1 at Gamesload.de, #1 at jeuxvideo.jeu.orange.fr, or that it's been #1 in Poland's Empik chart for the past week. The game is also talked about a lot, be it on Xfire, Reddit, Jeuxvideo.com, or facebook.

These are all massive successes on their own considering the Autumn season is here already packed with AAA game releases, but we have no idea what this means in volume of sales. What we do have though are data from sales on our own website (which is only a small sample compared to the overall sales across all markets). And the data are quite interesting, we wouldn't really expect some of the countries to figure so high, while we are surprised that some of our core markets are lower than expected. The online sales data require careful analysis though, lots of factors are at play - size of the fanbase in the country is only one of them. Other factors include penetration of credit cards and PayPal accounts in the country, how easy it is to buy the game on local market already, how much work the local publishing partner has invested into promoting their own release of the game ahead of release to pull enough fans their way, any delays in copies of the game hitting the retail shelves in the given country, and probably more.