Thursday, October 18, 2012

In 16 hours...

In 16 hours or so, Euro Truck Simulator 2 will finally be unleashed. Big day for SCS Software for sure!

(Humility check / expectations management - It's still only a game! And while we are proud of it, there is still a lot to be desired to create the ultimate truck sim game, so please bear with us!)

As we are still trying to talk to Steam in parallel to the ongoing Greenlight campaign, yesterday we compiled a little presentation on topic of the status of the game in pre-orders across Europe. Seeing it all collated together, it looks quite impressive. Our game is currently duking it out with many AAA PC games on equal footing in preorders in many countries! Well it may all fizzle out in a week or two, or with a bit of luck it may last longer. But even this achievement alone is noteworthy - for an instant it looks like truck sims is not such a niche genre as most people tend to think of it.

The presentation is here: Euro Truck Simulator 2 Pre-Orders, it's actually a bit outdated since yesterday as the game has moved up a spot or two on some of the sampled websites.