Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Quick ETS2 hotfix patch

This is supposed to be announced tomorrow only on the official website, but for our most loyal fans reading the blog late today we have a chance to take an early look at an upcoming "hotfix" for ETS2.

We are working on a bigger patch that will address many things in the game including lots of asset tweaks and map tweaks, but this patch is addressing two potential crash situations in the game. The bugs were discovered and reported to us by customers over the past few days, and we felt it was important to get them fixed quickly, without waiting for the "big patch" to make it through the complete development and beta testing.

At the moment we only have a torrent link, the normal executable file download will come live once we have a mirror or two in place, hopefully in the morning.

ETS2 patch from any version to 1.1.3 - torrent

Fixes in this patch:
  • Improved handling of fatigue.
  • Stopping of advisor lines fixed.
  • Some potentially crashing issues fixed.