Saturday, October 20, 2012

SCS is celebrating

Thanks to everybody who considered Euro Truck Simulator 2 worthy of purchase! Whether you have bought the game in any of the digital editions, or the box version in a store in your country, you are casting a vote of support for us to continue improving our truck simulators.

Yesterday, we felt the urge to make a small gathering in a corner of our office and drink a toast to celebrate. There was a reason to celebrate - sales from just exceeded 2 thousand copies (in about 15 hours since midnight launch), and seeing our game high in the sales charts on sites like,, CD Galaxis, Empik, Gama-Gama,, Spelbutiken, or JRC, the afternoon felt really special after working on the game for so long.

You may be curious if we are just resting and doing nothing now that the game is out, but this is definitely not the case. For illustration, here is a subset of "commits" placed into our Subversion database over the past couple of days. You can see that among other things, we are working on improving multi-monitor support, adding support for Asian languages, fixing bugs in our QA database, and generally still focusing on general improvements of ETS2.