Friday, October 26, 2012

Still Gaining Momentum!

A week after first unleashing the game on the market, we are still a bit shocked from the waterfall of positive fan reactions and press reviews about Euro Truck Simulator 2 still pouring on us.

The game has made it to #1 position in Best-selling PC games in full-priced category in Germany for the last week, based just on 3 days on sale (source: Gamona). It may be our fifteen minutes of fame - beating major AAA titles like XCOM or FIFA for a brief moment - but we hope that the game will have legs on the market and will stay around for a long time.

In the UK, the distribution machinery took a few days longer to gain full speed, so the official street date was conservatively set only to today. Out of the gates things look optimistic, the game has climbed to #6 in on PC Best-selling chart.

Our UK publishing partner Ecalibur Publishing also unveiled their own launch trailer to celebrate the release of the game, and we quite like it:

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is also now freshly available through GamersGate. Still hoping for some good news concerning Steam distribution, your votes in the Greenlight campaign are really appreciated.

Some technical F.A.Q.s to wrap up this post with, as the number of people writing us about the same problems is growing:
Q: I have been playing the game just fine for a long time, and now suddenly there are no jobs to take for me, what's wrong?
A: You have most likely installed a broken map mod. Many people wrote us with this bug report, but upon investigating it, it was always caused by using a map mod with the map not having all economy information properly compiled with it. Map authors need to keep in mind that just plain saving the map is not enough to have it work in the game. A workaround fix if you happen to be in this situation is to remove the map mod, and advance time in the game, either through sleeping, just plain waiting, or if need by by advancing time through console command g_set_time. This will give the economy system some time to generate new jobs around the world.
Q: I have installed a cool mod with truck tuning accessories, but the game now crashes every few minutes, even if I remove the mod, can you help?
A: Beware of broken mods, in the early days after game release, mod authors are still learning all the things needed to create proper mods. If you save the game with some accessories from a mod installed on your truck and then remove the mod, the game is not prepared to deal with the situation, tries to load the missing assets, and may crash.
Q: I have played the game for a couple of days just fine, but now suddenly it tells me that I am back in demo mode and need to activate it to continue playing?
A: This is expected behavior of the game when a black-listed Product Key is used to activate the game. We are regularly banning Product Keys which are widely shared on the Internet by warez/pirate groups. Make sure not to share your Product Key with anyone!