Thursday, December 6, 2012

We have to make a few trips to the post office

We are returning to regular programming at last on the blog after a bit of a pause. I was chasing new business opportunities lately and the blog got a bit neglected, sorry. There are a lot of very interesting topics to cover over upcoming blog updates, but for today, here is a glimpse at what we are doing now.

In the photo below is a fraction of parcels we are sending out these days to people from our fan community who have helped us the most with Euro Truck Simulator 2, either with translation of the game on or in our per-invite beta testing group. The power of the community is incredible, and we felt that we need to try to express our gratitude for the help.

This is a unique edition of the game, "Developer" edition which nobody can buy in stores (only a few hundred were manufactured and they are not for sale). Inside is the same game, only he packaging is different, and in this case it is sent out with signatures of the ETS2 team members to turn it into a truly collectible item. :-)

Thanks to everybody who contributed with their time, knowledge, suggestions, tips and critique! Our fan community is a critically important extension of our small team. With your continuing help and support, we can get much farther, ETS2 is only a milestone on the road towards the ultimate truck simulator...

Your sincerely,


Pavel Sebor
CEO, SCS Software