Sunday, June 2, 2013

Warning - ETS2 scam!

We have received a warning about something going on which may cause a lot of grief to people falling in for the scheme. Here is a quote of this warning e-mail:

I've seen this link floating around facebook:
It claims to offer a mod for multiplayer, but requires you to fill in questionnaires and ties you into a monthly payments. I just wanted to pass this on to you in hopes that SCS Software could do something about it or at the very least warn the community through the official blog.

Please take note that this is all FAKE and instead of giving you extra fun things to enjoy in the world of ETS2, instead it will only hurt you. NEVER pay for these things, NEVER give such people your personal data! This is a FRAUD!

We will try to chase authorities to get this removed, but you know how it works on the Internet,  if you manage to plug one hole, two new ones will open up immediately.

We know that having multiplayer in a truck sim game is one of the most requested features, you can trust us that we have been for years thinking about how to include it into our games. Having satisfactory multiplayer in a game like ETS2 is not as simple as having it in a race-circuit driving game though. We need persistency, it would basically take turning the game into an MMO for it to work up to our and your expectations. We are surely thinking hard about this, even making preparatory steps in this direction, but the days of multiplayer are not yet near.