Friday, July 12, 2013

Cool Stuff

Sometimes a week can pass without a blog post, and now we'll have as second one in a matter of hours, how strange! Well, some things are just worth mentioning.

Steam Trading Cards for Euro Truck Simulator 2 have finally gone live tonight. There is also a very tempting opportunity on Steam right now to get the game as part of Steam Summer Getaway Sale. Throughout the Summer, the game is also going to be promoted on more digital distribution sites including GamersGate, GamesLoad, or GreenManGaming to name a few, so if you are still hesitating with the purchase of a genuine copy of ETS2, there are interesting opportunities out there.

While helping us test the ETS2 update, a couple of guys also wanted to help us promote the new version of the game. Some very cool YouTube movies were created, and we would like to share them with you now. Big cudos to MADxMAX2k and Morello, thanks guys!