Friday, July 12, 2013

Help us Help You!

We have been working on the recent game update for several months, spending a ton of time on fixing, testing, and re-testing again and again. When we released the 1.4.1 patch, we felt pretty confident that it's in very solid state. In reality, bug reports started coming in almost immediately.

The game is BIG, and growing bigger. A new feature or a fix for one bug may often introduce a new problem; such is the nature of big software projects. We'll need to figure out betters ways to test the releases thoroughly, but effectively and quickly.

We have been thinking about involving a wider group from our fan community in testing for quite some time, but now we see that we need to do more than just ponder it. We need to give it a try.

We are making new builds of the game for testing purposes pretty much every day. On the way from 1.3.1 to 1.4.x, we have been through 96 major revisions and testing builds! Over a hundred people had access to the builds to help us test them, but it is obvious that this is still no enough eyes, not enough combinations of hardware, not enough variety in how our testers play the game. So we thought - what if we tried to make our daily betas publicly visible, for thousands of people to give them a try? The inspiration basically comes from what Mozilla is doing with Firefox Nightly Builds.

And here we are, with a quick update of the previous ETS2 update. Experiment time!

Please note that the link below is NOT FOR EVERYBODY. Only download and apply it if you are ready to volunteer to test a potentially unstable BETA VERSION of the game. We believe it's bringing fixes for a few problems discovered in 1.4.1, but so far not enough internal testing was done to make sure it's stable enough - this very build is intended to be this test. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

- ETS2 BETA patch 1.4.1 to 1.4.3 torrent download only -

We are making it accessible only in the form of a torrent, sorry. We do not plan for this beta patch to be mirrored by any 3rd party servers, as we are afraid of seeing our own download servers melt if too many people were downloading the exe file straight away. It may be a bit of a hurdle, but advanced computer users can deal with it, and perhaps it's in fact better to have this little barrier of entry in place. In the future, if today's experiment proves useful, we need to figure out a smoother and more convenient way for you to access the daily builds, but for today, this must suffice.

For reporting problems, the most useful way would be to visit SCS Message Board, there is a new Forum created just for this problem Bugs 1.4.3.

Keep in mind that this is not a beta completely open to anybody. It's only going to work with a genuine and valid Product Key. Also, do not try to apply it to the Steam edition of the game. Steam users will soon get access to such experimental daily builds too though, using the system of Steam beta branches.


Change log:
  • Fixed issue which might be responsible for the always-red/green traffic lights.
  • Fixed use of license plates
  • Improved handling of non-widescreen fov. The view is now increased vertically instead of reduced horizontally.
  • Game will not crash if modded cargo specifies collision which does not exist.
  • Another attempt at fixing the sunken trailers.
  • Fixed speedometer range in UK variant of Hi-Way interior
  • Swapped fuel and temperature gauges in the UK variant of Hi-Way interior.
  • Fixed turbo/adblue animations in UK exclusive variant of Volvo interior.
  • Fixed the "Lumen Chrom" auxiliary light
  • Fixed possible crash when service call was requested while positioned on item without a valid country.
  • Fixed possible crash when switching resolutions in-game.
  • Fixed non-functional animation of wiper stick (affects all trucks)
  • Fixed disappearing bus station in London
  • Proper pre-caching after teleports.
  • Fixed incorrect number of slots in preferred brand selector in the profile edit screen.