Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Public Beta Experiment Goes On

Stabilizing the 1.4.x patch has been taking a lot of work, and we would like to thank everyone who contributed to the open beta testing. Several problems were discovered with your help, and the dev team certainly appreciates all the useful feedback and inspiration from you.

The eventual process and system of future open betas still needs some thinking, but these initial results are promising, so we'd like to ask you for help one more time.

We have created another "release candidate" for the final 1.4.x line patch. To the best of our knowledge, it addresses all major issues that we still left in 1.4.1, so if you are already using this version of the game and it works ok for you, updating to 1.4.6 isn't much of a danger, in fact it should still offer some stability improvements.

This build is still only a candidate for the final approved patch. We are not offering any mirroring options yet, as it's not intended for use by general public, we are also not even mentioning it on the official game website. The only people with advanced access to these hot builds are the members of the fan community on our message board.

As was the case previously, we are only making this beta patch available through torrent to prevent clogging our server bandwidth:

- ETS2 BETA patch 1.4.x to 1.4.6 torrent download only -

Please note that this patch should not be applied over the Steam edition of the game!

For your feedback, a new forum is ready on SCS message boards:

ETS2 Bugs 1.4.6

Thank you for your patience and help! If all goes well, this build may hopefully be announced as solid enough to finally become the recommended official version of the game across all distribution channel, finally more solid and with more cool stuff than the 1.3.1 edition of the game you have been stuck with for so long.