Thursday, February 27, 2014

Bus Driver - Pocket Edition

Several exciting things happening within a very short time span now! Today is a first for us - Bus Driver, one of our older games, has received mobile treatment.

Bus Driver - Pocket Edition is now out on Apple's App Store.

The game was ported to iOS by our publishing partner Meridian4; we were not involved in the work on the port directly, but we have provided a ton of feedback. The iPad/iPhone version of the game is trying to stay as true to the original as possible, given the limitation of the device and input controls of course. The game looks quite promising, and the developer of this port still has improvements and more content for the game lined up for future updates.

For the time being, our own focus is squarely at Windows/Linux/Mac versions of our sims for internal development (and there is no need to remind us that the Mac OS port of ETS2 is taking longer than anybody would like, but trust us, we are still working hard on it). However, we need to understand if it would make sense to expand to other platforms. The bigger the snowball gets, the faster it may roll. So we'll be curious to see what happens with this mobile experiment. Keep your fingers crossed! And of course, for Apple gadget fans, if you happen to fancy returning back to our old but evergreen Bus Driver game on a new platform, we wouldn't mind you buying the game! ;)