Thursday, June 19, 2014

Digging deeper into ETS2 1.11 update

Today we have another dose of info and images from the upcoming Euro Truck Simulator 2 version 1.11 update for you.

There are several additional features simulation fans may enjoy:

Tempomat (Cruise control) received an additional mapping. Now it is possible to map the keys/buttons on the controller of your choice to increase or decrease speed, in addition to just having enable/disable hotkey. This should make cruise control act closer to what the real thing does.

We have also achieved more realistic timing for the air brake sound. Retarder indicator is lit during automatic retarder usage, and you can now configure the maximum steering angle in game options.

With the Seat Adjuster feature, we have paid more attention to side mirrors. While moving your head in the cabin, the side mirrors are now adjusting their perspective of the world rendering. It took us a while to work this out, but in the end effort had paid off with the realistic mirror perception. This should be even more noticeable to the lucky few who are using head tracking gear like TrackIR, or with head-tracking enabled virtual reality sets.

In additional little touch - now you can sell a garage or relocate your headquarters to another city.