Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Some Nordic Driving

Here we are, driving over new roads somewhere in the Nordics. Maybe you want to take a small peek, too?

Every time we set to work on a new world expansion, production logic would dictate that we should restrain ourselves to good-enough quality and just get the job done. After all, there are hundreds of thousands of players out there who always want more, and as fast as possible. There is definitely a very vocal part of the fan community showing lots of impatience with us.

Yet every single time, the desire to improve upon our previous work is stronger. The art and design team's push to raise the bar puts the pressure on the programming team, too. There is always the priority to improve our tool-chain, to improve the way we build the world, and not to lose performance even if we populate the world with richer content...

Our goals for the upcoming major world expansion is more efficient rendering, more impressive and true-to-life environments...

As before releasing Euro Truck Simulator 2, and before releasing Going East!, our bet is that our fans and customers are going to reward our ambition to ever improve. Even if it means that it's quite hard to get a reasonable estimate on when the work is going to be finished, as our grumbling publishing partners would attest! ;)