Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Get ready for Euro Truck Simulator 1.12 Update

Not much time has passed since we released ETS2 1.11 game update, yet already we are in the final testing stages of 1.12 update. We are fortunate that there are no road-blocks in the game code now delaying release, so we can try a shorter release cycle now, and avoid sitting on the features for the sake of a larger batch. The new version may contain less changes compared to its predecessor than what the feature-packed 1.11 has brought, but there is some good stuff coming, and coming soon.

ETS2 version 1.12 will bring you four new features, plus it will prepare the game binaries for "A New Type of the DLC" - not paint-jobs this time! We plan to release this DLC simultaneously with the update.

Let's list 3 of those features now:

Truck browser

Browse, build, visualize and preview any unlocked truck in the game. Also it is possible to apply and preview paint jobs for any truck. If you are a MOD maker, this is a super useful feature for fast browsing of your creations without leaving the desktop, rather than having to drive to the nearest truck shop of a given truck brand.

Trailer Browser

Browse all trailers, their types and sub-types featured in the game. Yet again if you happen you have a MOD trailer in the game, you can check it out right away in the Trailer browser without having to wait for it to spawn randomly in the game.

Photo Mode Enhancements

We are still astonished with the gorgeous shots you guys upload to World of Trucks. New Photo mode features are:
  • Ability to change the Color Balance of your image
  • Change Saturation
  • Change the Roll the camera, if you desire extra creativity in your composition

And at last - "The New Type of the DLC". We will be revealing it in our almost-regular Friday blog post. So see you back here in two days!