Friday, December 12, 2014



We've just received a cryptic letter with some very disturbing news: Santa Claus might not be able to deliver all gifts in time on his own! We were told that Father Christmas is looking for logistic professionals who want to help out with Santa's substantial delivery backlog.

Here's more details for elves truckers who want to help out to make sure that all gifts are delivered in time: The task at hand is delivering a unique kind of cargo over the distance equal to that of SCS Software office and the North Pole. Note that this distance can be covered across multiple deliveries. Progress of the deliveries can be tracked from your World of Trucks profile

You may ask - where do these cool truck & trailer combos come from? The Christmas Gifts trailers have just appeared today in the game for all players after 1.15 update, so anyone can deliver them. As for the truck paintjobs, they are a part of Christmas Paintjobs DLC. Thousands of people have received this DLC from us for free during a recent World of Trucks campaign. It is available for purchase on Steam now.

Santa always makes sure that everyone gets the gifts they deserve, and indeed, there is something special waiting for everyone who contributes his or her due to the effort to transport all the gift packages in our Polar Express 2014 Event. Succeed and you will be rewarded with a special Raven Truck Design DLC. This original tuning set cannot be purchased, the only way to obtain is to earn a Steam key for it during this limited-time event.

This update also marks a public release of features added in the previous beta, below you can find a changelog listing highlights of this update:
  • New Exclusive interior for DAF Euro 6 
  • New sounds for Scania 6 cylinder engines 
  • New sounds for Iveco Highway and Iveco Stralis 
  • Support for different dashboard computer back-light colors 
  • Showroom updates: 
    • New interface for showrooms 
    • New showroom interior 
    • New look for small truck dealers
  • Significantly faster autosaving 
  • Gameplay improvements 
    • Interior camera motion feature - camera can now simulate movements of the player's body and motion of the truck seat 
    • Smart cruise control - retarder will now be used automatically 
    • Trailer brake 
    • Support for second reverse gear for custom H-Shifter layouts
  • Support for Holiday Special content
This update also brings some changes to our engine and structure of the game files, which may affect modifications. If you are involved in creating modifications, visit this page for more information about latest changes.