Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Cargo for Scandinavia

Trailers and cargo are an essential part of the world of Euro Truck Simulator 2. For Scandinavia add-on release, we are going to add several new trailer models for players to pull, we are also expanding the list of cargoes with over 80 new options.

As you can see on the screenshots, new trailers will range across multiple industries. These include wind farm parts, truck carrier rigs delivering trucks from Volvo Trucks and Scania factories to their respective dealers across Europe, and semi-trailers designed for transporting livestock. The new windmill set will be a part of Scandinavia DLC, while the livestock trailer and truck carriers should be a part of a new free game update for all users. This update will go out in sync with the release of the add-on.

Over 80 new cargoes are spread through several categories including: food, machinery, construction, ADR as well as general supplies. Of course each cargo has been assigned only to locations where it makes perfect sense to haul from or deliver to. As an example we went as far as separating farms into two groups: plant farm and animal farm. Each farm type of course has different production output and receiving needs. This trend is kept across the entire expansion with a lot of tweaks in the core game.

Questions about our planned release date are pouring at us every day. We hope to be able to announce official release date soon, we are still testing and fixing and improving, but we hope that the quality we expect of ourselves is within reach. Our goal is to put Scandinavia DLC in your hands within the next two months.

Before the release, we will most likely also go through another open beta round with the core game. For those participating in the beta, this would mean being able to take a look at things like the new trailers or the new daylight cycle system ahead of the Scandinavia official release.