Thursday, May 7, 2015

Here we go: ETS2 Scandinavia map expansion published!

The release of the much-anticipated Scandinavia map expansion DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2 is finally here.

The activation keys in retail box editions of the game sold across Europe should start working right now, and your game should automatically update to the DLC content to be compatible with latest game version just after installation.

The launch date for digital portals is May 7 as well, so you will start to see the game appearing now as well on many 3rd party distribution sites.

We are of course offering the game for sale directly ourselves through our two official channels:

1. You can buy the Expansion from ETS2 Scandinavia Steam page.

2. Alternatively, if you want to avoid installing the game through Steam, we are still offering the Scandinavia expansion through our legacy activation system on the official Euro Truck Simulator 2 website.

For technical reasons we are unable to provide all the wide and growing palette of additional DLCs for the game outside of Steam, so you are limiting your options to further enrich the game. But we respect that some of you have a strong opinion about Steam and prefer the standalone version of the game. That's why we are releasing the crucial map expansions also this way.

On a related topic: We have an interesting option for how to update the game for non-Steam users: the Updater. We have been working on the Updater tool for some time, it's been used extensively in our small-group closed beta testing, so we have reasons to believe that it's robust and stable now, but it's still a little Spartan with no shiny interface. So we intended to "soft-launch" it (happening here and now) before recommending it as the primary download/update method on the official website. Updater uses peer-to-peer protocol for speeding up the download especially with more people connected to get the game files, which should considerably shorten the download time especially during peak demand periods. Please find the ETS2 Updater for download here. Put this file into the folder where you have installed the game and run it to update the game from any previous version.

Finally, the release of Scandinavia DLC is a great opportunity to increase the pool of available country-specific paint-job DLCs for the game:

As well as special, custom paintjob pack - Viking Legends Paintjobs