Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Five Years and Counting

Today marks the fifth anniversary of our blog. Those five years were a very exciting time for us; the success of Euro Truck Simulator 2 has absolutely exceeded our expectations. It would not be possible without the support of our loyal fans, thank you guys and girls!

However, we are still just warming up for bigger things to come!

With the release of the starter edition of American Truck Simulator, we'll finally set our foot on the new continent to attract new fans. We are crossing our fingers for at least moderate success with the game's release - to earn additional resources to keep growing the SCS Software team. We would like to accelerate the pace of development considerably, and I am sure you would appreciate it too.

Meanwhile, work continues on World of Trucks. It may not be visible yet as the website is currently focusing mostly on presenting cool screenshots, but the grand plan for it is to make it a destination providing deep gameplay features for both ETS2 and ATS - features that would not be possible to pull off in the context of our current single-player games ;).

We have made the commitment to continue supporting and expanding the universe of Euro Truck Simulator 2 for many years after its release, and there are many cool features and great new content in development for the game. See below for a glimpse of what is coming soon...