Thursday, November 15, 2018

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Update 1.33 Open Beta

A part of our hard-core fan community has been asking us for ages to involve them in the testing of our games, to allow them to see under the lid sooner. Last week, we decided to do a little trial and released an Experimental Beta of ETS Update 1.33. This was a build of the game which was not yet deemed stable enough for a large-scale public beta release, but having more feedback based on it would be a benefit for us to identify potential issues faster with more eyeballs on the new features. We only announced it on our forum and hoped for the best. The volume of feedback has proven that this was a successful experiment, spotting certain issues this early has definitely helped us a lot.

With this experience, we may consider adding another step to our regular testing progress. We are always starting with internal betas, and continue first through a closed beta test with our much-appreciated stable cadre of trusted volunteer testers. Now the new step may be a still-raw experimental beta for the most daring of you before we reach the widely publicized open beta release ahead of the final game update.

Thanks to everyone involved in the experimental beta, we are now able to launch the ETS2 Update 1.33 Open Beta sooner than anticipated!

This update brings some long requested features, as well as some of the most desired trailers. The double flatbed is the first of them, now with an option to be converted to a container trailer. With that also comes the Krone Boxliner, for owners of the Krone DLC. Another highly demanded addition is the brick trailer - a great white whale amongst trailers - which can be added to your fleet now. That will, of course, rob you of the joy of "hunting" this one on the freight market - the choice is yours :)

The system changes also bring certain features eagerly anticipated for quite some time. Generally the most important is the option of Steam cloud-based profile. No more profiles lost or deleted by mistake! No more need for keeping profiles stored on a flash drive for those playing on more than one PC! While this function needs some more testing, we hope to give you a safe place to store your profiles pretty soon.

Last but by no means least on the list of requested functions, we give you reusable truck and trailers configuration templates. This feature should make life easier, or so we hope, for everybody - but especially those who like to have a completely unified fleet of heavily modified trucks. We're sure that owners of fleets consisting of dozens of trucks and trailers would agree :)

And the additions don’t stop there. Rain is said to have a calming Zen effect (a lot of our players are after the soothing experience of just driving through the cool countryside in our games), so to improve this effect, we improved the graphics effect of rain. Raindrops on the glass should behave more realistic now. Speaking of the driver's point of view, you should feel (and see) the improved physics right after you start your truck. The center of gravity for almost everything in the game was tweaked, along with suspension, damping and braking. We are trying to find the right balance to make driving enjoyable for users of steering wheels and gaming controllers, as well as for players just using the keyboard. Driving your rig should feel different now, hopefully for the better. The newly added music shuffling may also help in this.

To close the list of important changes, we've added a cvar for people having issues with blinking lights. Try different settings with writing g_disable_beacons 0/ 1/ 2 in the console. We hope that one of these will suit you well.

So enjoy all the new additions, but please remember: It's only an open beta, not a stable public version - so you may encounter bugs, instability, and kinks. It's completely okay if you want to wait for the final release. But if you're interested in helping us to move there faster, we'll appreciate all of your feedback on our forum and your bug reports in this section.

If you wish to participate in the open beta, you can find this version in the public_beta branch on Steam. The way to access it is as follows: Steam client → LIBRARY → right click on Euro Truck Simulator 2 → Properties → Betas tab → public_beta → 1.33 public beta. No password required.

  • Double flatbed trailers (Scandinavia DLC required)
  • Buyable container and brick trailers (flatbed variants) and cargo market
  • Steam cloud based profiles
  • Reusable truck and trailer configuration templates
  • Physics improvements (suspension, damping, braking, COGs)
  • Rain drops behavior on glass improved
  • Music shuffling
  • Country and city name localization settings
  • g_disable_beacons (for people having issues with blinking lights, 0/1/2)
  • Krone Boxliner ownable (Krone DLC required)

  • Due to the number of changes, most mods will need some work to catch up!

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Postcards from Finland

Finland is one of the many new countries featured in the upcoming DLC 'Beyond the Baltic Sea'. You will be able to drive through the more populated southern areas, where you can explore Finland's largest cities, industrial centers and where most of the Finnish population live. At this time, Finland is one of the most northern areas you can drive in the world of Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Some of you may know that when it comes to trucking in Finland, the HCT will be an important part of your experience. High Capacity Transport is currently one of the less common types of freight transport found within European countries. The most interesting types of HCT found consists of a truck, a semitrailer dolly, and a semitrailer. We hope that these new pieces of information about upcoming content will make you even more excited. We can't wait for you to cross the border to explore the Beyond the Baltic Sea expansion and see what lies ahead!

Monday, November 12, 2018

Event: Trade Connections - Germany Summary

There were some bumps on the road, but the last few tons of the required amount have been delivered!

The number of people participating in this event was extraordinary, especially when taking into account the amount of new content introduced around the event, you managed to stay focused on the task at hand!

As you can see, tens of thousands of you participated in driving your rigs between different countries, and as the stats of the average length of jobs shows, most of you chose to drive the more scenic and longer routes rather than the shorter ones.

However, there are some who didn't manage to finish their personal goal yet, so we've decided to prolong the deadline of the event. The event system will keep registering your deliveries until November 15th, 00:00 UTC.

We hope that numbers above mean you've had some fun travelling the "old" Europe - because soon enough the borders will open and you'll have a whole new region to discover. So make sure your fleet is ready for a new expansion - you know how it is - first come, first served!

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

ATS: Special Transport Released!

The Special Transport DLC for American Truck Simulator has been released and is now available on the Steam store!

Do you have what it takes to deliver such large and heavy cargoes through the challenging roads of American Truck Simulator? It's not going to be an easy task, but if you pay attention to the road and work as a team with the escort vehicles, then you will be successful in delivering these special cargoes.

Key Features

  • 11 huge cargoes (up to 170,000 pounds (85 tons), 21 feet (6.5 m) width, 17 feet (5+ m) height and 52+ feet (16 m) length)
  • New Special Transport trailers
  • Unique job routes for the Special Transport (most in the base map, some through New Mexico, more for Oregon to come later as a free update!)
  • A combination of over 90 special transport jobs
  • Custom AI escort & police vehicles
  • Original intros for the cargoes and jobs, crowds and police cars along the routes
  • New models, characters, and animations of people assisting or spectating the transport
  • Curious pedestrians, journalists or transport co-workers along the routes
  • Special Transport achievements

Gameplay Features

  • Close collaboration with AI escort vehicles is required
  • Enhanced AI behavior: clearing the path, stopping traffic, giving advice, pushing opposing vehicles to the side etc.
  • Possibility to fail the given job on the spot if you don’t adhere to strict instructions or regulations 
  • New checkpoints system to keep your progress in a special transport job safe

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Towns and Cities

The countries which surround the Baltic Sea feature many beautiful coastlines, forests, and mountains. They are also home to many different species of wildlife such as whales, deer, and wolves, but these are not the only living creatures to inhabit these countries. Over 85 million people live around the Baltic Sea, who all come from many different backgrounds, cultures, and nationalities. In this blog post, we want to focus on the cities, towns, and villages that inhabit the countries in the upcoming DLC.

There will be many brand new cities to drive in 'Beyond The Baltic Sea'. You could choose to explore a large bustling metropolis or visit a small historical village. Each one of them has been hand crafted from scratch and feature many famous landmarks, historic monuments and much more! We hope that when you do cross the border, you will slow down a little to see the details which have been created by our talented team. We have seen and heard how excited the community is for this upcoming map expansion, and so we are especially excited to share these new preview images with you!

Monday, November 5, 2018

Volvo VNL coming to American Truck Simulator

It wasn't nearly as fast or simple as we initially expected, but it's coming at last. We're finally able to grow the number of trucks that are represented in American Truck Simulator!

The Volvo VNL (the previous generation for now – to prevent any misunderstanding) is the fifth truck joining the fleet of American Truck Simulator. It's a free DLC addition for every owner of the base game. If you update the game on Steam (which may or may not require a restart for some users), the game will automatically download it. It comes in variants 300, 730 and 780 with a number of other options to customize it to your needs and preferences. This is only a start; with the manufacturer now officially on board, we can all hope that the road to include their latest and greatest will not be as long and bumpy.

To whet your appetite to this long-awaited addition, we are happy to publish a video tribute to celebrate the moment, and a few screenshots, just a little taste before you get a chance to download it to your own PC :)

We know that the wait was long and difficult (especially for some of you, judging from your posts and comments). We want to express our sincere thanks to the whole of our fan community for your patience and loyalty. The vision for what American Truck Simulator - as well as Euro Truck Simulator 2 - should become eventually is grand and the way to get there is daunting. We are dealing with it one step at a time. 

This year, we maximized our efforts to sign more brands for our games - and we have achieved success on several fronts. Further fruits of our discussions with the transportation industry should come in the future, so please, consider today's game update as an early treat!