Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Magazine Interview with SCS Software

Our fans in Germany may find interest in a special issue of PC Games magazine, focusing solely on driving simulators. The issue should appear on news stands across Germany starting today.

The magazine contains an extensive interview with SCS Software (and a total of 23 pages devoted to our games in total), covering our history from the very start of the company, our most challenging projects, our opinion on state of the simulation games market, and also some hints about future matters. It also includes a pack-in DVD with demo versions of our simulators released in Germany through rondomedia so far, so it may be a chance to try something that you haven't tried before. The interview is has been translated into German for the magazine of course, but the demos are actually the time-limited demo multi-language digitally distributed editions of our games, so for example German Truck Simulator demo is the latest 1.32 version "Edition Austria."

As a teaser, here is a small excerpt from the interview:

Can you imagine developing an online version of your games (are you even already planning one)? And if you do, what would that game look like? What kind of challenge would it offer the players?
Of course we can imagine transforming our games from purely single-player experience into collaborative gameplay concept. The trouble is that to make it right, the game should ideally be closer to a MMO game – with persistent player data and ability to keep track of the player's progress so far in the virtual world. Actually we have had the concept document for such a game already sketched for several years, waiting “in the drawer” to be used when the time is right. But it's a big task to build something like that - with money to put into development and infrastructure, even a light-weight version of an MMO could represent a multimillion investment. We need to approach this ambition very carefully.  One day we hope to be able to push for online component for our games, we are looking forward to being in position to do so in fact. But as I frequently remind our fans, it all depends on our ability to sell enough copies of our games to be able to afford thinking of the more ambitious plans. There is a simple way to motivate us to accelerate our effort – vote with your wallet for the survival and evolution of the simulation genre.