Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas is coming

One of the features planned for Euro Truck Simulator 2 is the return of a long-lost ability in our sims to choose custom paintjobs for trucks. Players were used to picking from a variety of paint looks in our older 18 Wheels of Steel series games, but currently moders have to work around limitations in our games that don't quite make using of custom paintjobs a comfortable experience.

The situation with paintjobs should improve a lot - both the "out of the box" experience with a solid selection of paintjobs, and hopefully also with mods for the game offering additional content; making this content a natural part of the customization options

We still cannot guarantee that Scania will appear in ETS2 in full glory as an officially licensed brand. Getting the attention from truck manufacturing companies, even just starting the discussions and then taking them to satisfactory conclusion for both sides, is quite tough. In the end, we may have to take the painful measures and strip some of the truck models of any relation with real brands. (So keep your fingers crossed that we don't have to do it too often!) But we thought that these in-game screen shots would be a nice example, a nice teaser if you allow, of our paintjob plans...


  1. Now that looks nice, Hope you can include the scania brand too, great job keep it up !!!

  2. Great work Scs!!!Well done and keep up the good work!!

  3. Very Good work keep it up New R looks very good

  4. wow that is one nice truck can you post a pic of the interior please

  5. Aztabüdös.... őőő.... Wow, nice, gigasuper

  6. SCS, it's the best SCANIA I've ever seen for you games. Insist of getting the SCANIA's license for the trucks. This is AWESOME!!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you too!
    Happy holidays, and spend it in the best way with your family! Best wishes from Se7en


  7. Use more parts and not many textures than it would be looking fantastic


  9. Hi SCS, I congratulate you for your amazing work and implication in this game. The progress is being awesome. We are impatient to know more news!

    Suggestion: I think it would be nice that the trucks had cab suspension. This would give more realism to the game.

    Congratulations and greetings for all SCS staff!

  10. WOW amazing trucks

    Thank you for posting SCS software

  11. really nice job,
    but why an r440 and not a r730 ;),

    best wishes

  12. The Scania looks good, but work more on the roof.

    Merry Christmas, SCS !!!

  13. Wow!! This is awesome... Nice.

  14. Looks amazing, and now I have new wallpaper. Thanks Scs.

  15. Looks amazing. Keep up the outstanding work SCS software team. Can't wait till release.
    Off topic, will there be AI traffic improvements for ETS2?

  16. very nice, i hope that the players would chose a lot of this paintjobs in the game like in 18wheels of steel...its a very good idea! well done scs!!

  17. Great News Scs
    I love you scssoft

  18. I just hope that the paint jobs aren't of small quantity..
    -I like the christmas one and i'm sure that there are many that your doing, but i would like to request that you make a at least 10-12 for each truck.
    - Also i wanted to ask, is the R440 the limit to what we can expect, i'm not saying i'm disappointed with it, it's just they have a new truck The R730 V8 so i was wondering if you plan or are working on such a model.
    - About Scania, i don't think there should be a problem with allowing their truck brand into a Trucksim, as they have always boasted that Scania is the king of the road...So why are they so reluctant to allow Scania to be the king of a Trucksim too.
    - Also i wanted to ask if you could take a look at adding something to the map.
    - Every comment i come across has one thing in common, they want a bigger map, with a great number of roads, i would like to suggest that you make the map the size of europe, and fill in the highways, and cities in correct places, and allow the map to be edited so that people can add maps of their own without being afraid of damaging the game if they don't know how to do it.
    Also can you please give us a second option on the career, i want to play campaign, but also free drive.

  19. Just do more details with 3D not with texture
    Cuz details gives charm to a model ;)

  20. super travail ,est joyeuses fétes de noél!

  21. New trailer model?

  22. Awesome looking paintjob and model. Hope to see the licensed trucks in the final version, too! ;)

  23. Looking great guys, although would it be possible to get multiple trailers? It makes it more of a challenge rather than just pulling one trailer around everywhere....just a suggestion?

  24. It's a fantastic model,Great work SCS. I hope Scania let you put their brand in-game. But remember! The drive axle of Scania's has a different shape in its end (or nib, don't know the right word), a conical shape, not rounded like the others ;)
    Keep up the gret work, and the news too!

  25. it looks great! loving the idea of making it liek haulin again where we can choose paints rather than only being limited to different skins on different variants. and can you please include multiple trailer support like you did it extreme trucker, at least give modders the option to use it anyway

  26. Hey SCS guys!

    These in-game screen shots?!
    Hmm, not render images?

    The roof is not the real thing.

  27. This is an in-engine screenshot, not a render.
    Can anybody elaborate on what you see precisely is the problem with the roof?

  28. Multiple trailers will be awesome!

  29. very very nice Christmas Scania Truck. Thanks an best regards to Praque!

  30. SCS Software:


    The roof and spoiler is too round.

  31. This one is great! Merry Christmas but I hope you will post more stuff untill Christmas :-D

  32. great work scs!
    roof is OK,the only prob is mirrors,they could be better,but they are still good.

  33. Roof isn't okay! It's to rounded on the top where it goes from front side to top!
    And also side fenders needs to be repaired!
    And also front bumper has some errors!

    Please look deep enough for details!
    Otherwise nice model;)

  34. Congratulations for the great work. Anxiously await the launch of this new game. Please publish some more pictures of custom trucks for Christmas. Thanks for the wallpaper.

    Please do not stop using the system of double and triple trailers. In Brazil trailers are used with a dolly, which serves to support the second trailer and also triple trailers. To do that we would be very useful mods that possibility. The following pictures to illustrate:

    Thank you for publishing the pictures and updates about their work.

    Grade hug
    Rafael Brusque Toporowicz
    Paraná - Brazil

  35. I'd like to suggest some additions to the models of the Scania trucks and the trailers and also the paint choices and customization options.

    First, Scania trucks-
    - Your lacking some needed detail
    .Cables that go to the trailers, why only actos have these? please add to all trucks

    -This is a list of customizable options i want to see in game
    .Paint jobs
    .Mud flaps
    .Matching trailer for the make of truck

    Also some suggestions on the map editor
    - make the map to size of europe
    .Give all types of road so that modders can add them on their own
    .Make models for parked trucks and cars.
    .Have major services the size of real ones at every city and also placed randomly across map

    Career options
    -Give us a choice
    .Free drive
    .Challenges, like yetd for example

    - Some suggestions
    .Multiple drop loads
    .short distance
    .long distance
    .Abroad deliveries
    - Waiting times for loading
    - Hard to navigate spaces
    .one way lanes
    .tight turns
    .moving traffic on the delivery site

    Truck modifications-
    .Light bars
    .Xenon lamp
    .Stainless steel exhaust
    .Time Tables
    .Kromkit Alcoa wheels
    .LED rear / brake lights

    If you could try adding as much of this as possible it would make the game so much more enjoyable and fantastic

    looking forward to the next update, also when is the expected realease and will the new R730 be featured in the game??

  36. Also another important feature for all EU trucks, SCS you must add retarder! Don't put jake brake, that's for US trucks, here trucks don't have jake brake here! Please, if possible, integrate that!


  37. Please make the possibility of carrying a load with a few trucks. This is a very interesting opportunity. There will be a feeling that we are not alone.
    Or something similar as it was in 18 WoS Convoy, only better.

  38. *****CZ*****

    Hi SCS:)
    I would like to propose something what you could do in the next game(ETS2).It is simple: Just Let the AI vehicles smoking from the exhaust pipe.It's so simple that it is in every game and it's realistic!So we hope u can do.

    Good luck!

  39. Looks good guys but what this game needs is multiple trailers and the ability to modify more things (prefabs for example)


  40. /Sweden

    please put scandinavia in the map, and i want to drive a 25.25meter truck, dolly and trailer,
    ( ) Or this combo: Those 2 things and im happy :)

  41. tohle nemá chybu!!! skvělá práce :)

  42. YES, THE ROOF IS TOO CURVE. It looks like someone used the warp tool in photoshop.. Esp, the part near the air dam and "the thing that do the aerodynamic thing" at the side of the truck. I think it is called aerofoil.

  43. Yep, i agree with the previous comment, that the roof is too curve!

    The difference here seems very well:

    And the visor is farther away from the windscreen!

  44. *And the visor is farther away from the windscreen on the real truck!

  45. Dear SCS, please make an ability to buy own trailer, like in Haulin.

  46. in-engine screenshot? Where is the dynamic light and shadow effect?

  47. Yeah absolutely right, where is the dynamic light and shadow effect? Because it will be, right?

  48. Please SCS do not mirror the textures on the trucks. Make it like they were in PTTM (with separate left/right sides). Or go one step further & map a front, left, right & back.

    When I first started to skin (Haulin), the big let down was the mirrored text on the right side of the trucks. Please correct this problem in all future games.

    Cheers Turtool

  49. In all fairness, SCS, that looks incredible. The more and more you show, the more and more I want this game! I've already set aside money to buy it !! :)

  50. HI

    Can you not make 6x2 Trucks that would be nice

    ps keep up the good work

  51. Please 6x2 trucks :D im tired of 4x2

  52. it would be nice if you set dhl and schenker paintjobs ;)

  53. The curve on the roof is a bit too choppy and edgy.

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  55. merci superbe boulot ; continués comme ça .j admire se que vous faites étant passionné de camion et ça a l air très réaliste encore merci et bonne et heureuse année


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