Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The benefits of fanbase

For a long time, SCS Software used to be quite a closed company. We worked behind closed doors in a little dinky office, and we worked very hard on the games. But we would only come to surface very seldom - to release a game or two per year at most - and then lock ourselves back in the office again to work on another game. We would read message boards and e-mails from our fans, but there was no two-way communication, and no feedback loop.

Things have changed a lot now that we have this blog, several Facebook pages for our recent projects, a YouTube channel, a Twitter account, the GetLocalization experiment, and most importantly now that our attitude is that fans are our most important asset.

This attitude change bears fruit for us, too. After asking our fans for recommendation for a distributor in Brazil, today we are signing a deal with Techdealer, Brazilian games distribution company, to release a bundle of our older games in the country. Hopefully Trucks & Trailers, which is a logical choice as it has already been translated into Brazilian Portuguese with your help, will be discussed next.

Yesterday we have received good tips for distribution opportunities in Bulgaria, and we will try these contacts to see if we can get official coverage for our games there. It turns out that our fans know their countries' state of games market much better than we can ever do, so with your help we can explore things that we would now have the capacity to try and research on our own.

There are still quite a lot of countries where our games are impossible to buy in stores, and where we know we have fans, but where we haven't managed to identify proper partner to talk to about distribution opportunities. To mention a few, we know we have tons of fans in Romania, Greece and Turkey, but we either don't know whom to talk to there, or if we do know, our attempts to establish contacts there failed so far. Perhaps somebody reading this blog may be able to provide another useful tip for us?