Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Trucks & Trailers gets special treatment in Poland

We have received news that our Polish publishing partner, CD Project, is going to offer a special edition of Trucks & Trailers to please the most hardcore truck game fans in Poland. Here is their message:

Trucks & Trailers Special Edition, apart from the game itself, will contain a printed version of manual, a sticker, alongside with an "L" sized T-shirt and a must for all respected drivers - a trucker cap. All this packed into a stylish box, which is going to be a perfect match for whole composition. T&T SE will be available across the best multimedia stores and e-shops in Poland with a suggested retail price of 89,99 PLN (22,50 €).

The Special Edition will have it's premiere in Poland along the normal edition (which costs 49,99 PLN - 12,50 €) on 17th June, Friday.

Here is the link to CDP announcement:

More news on the official polish blog:


  1. This is nice for the polish people. It is also nice that they can get a pack with all this stuff. I am sure to get the game.
    Getting’s from Norway.

    SCS, what kind of work ours do you have. Do you not need sleep? Posting on the blog this late.

    Thanks and good night. I'm going to bed.

  2. Hey, nice, but as Adrian said, go to bed! :D But sure, its nice.

  3. wow! want to be polish right now

  4. That is wonderful. I wish I could order it from Poland.

  5. :)

    As i said there on their forum
    i think that DAF on the tshirt with that "american" lady and "american" sign looks bad
    But anyway taht collection is great ;)

  6. Hello team scs
    I am Brazilian and was wondering if we'll have to buy the game here in Brazil
    I mean, if you will get a distributor for us, and we buy on launch day
    Well even if we had such a package that neither the Polish
    Well excuse me for English, is translated on google haha
    good job you guys

  7. mikEWronaPL: yeah, t-shirt looks... not bad, but certainly weird. But in fact it's unprinted, photoshoped t-shirt - so maybe it'll look not so weird in reality. :-D

    But rest of collection is fine, for sure! That cap is perfect. :-)

  8. good haul for polish people - I get to pay in Britain £20 (22,50 EUR exactly) for the normal box. I envy you

  9. "Well excuse me for English, is translated on google haha
    Good job you guys"
    Thank you, someone who read my comments. It's nice that you excuse your English. I'm happy as long as you post in English. I mean I cannot Portuguese, France etc.
    Just remember that Google is a name, this means that the first letter in the word is BIG.

    Can someone tell me how the price can be that different, in different counters?

  10. Nice idea! And the price is quite reasonable, when thinking you get a t-shirt and a hat. :)

  11. I would be very happy if this package would also be in my country, but it isn't. :(

  12. Hope that it works!.
    Regards from your Mod & More TrucksimCom

  13. This seriously made me thinking to visit Poland in summer this year :)

  14. Trucksimulator24.com, stopp posting link to your website.
    "Regards from your Mod & More TrucksimCom"
    Regards to myself, is what you say. Get a bigger hat.

  15. Agree with anonymous above me.
    Stop posting your website link!

    Good deal in Poland.

    Luda Cris, I do not think that going to Poland is the way to save money. The hotel and travel cost

  16. Just an opinion:
    Since the above mentioned link points to a forum mainly populated by SCS products and related items, it shouldn't be a problem, but an annoyance, at most. :D

  17. @truck...24.com:

    Yes, stop your website advertising!

    Not make any sense, he never looks at anyone!

  18. SCS Team !

    Can we get this pecial package at Hungary somehow? I would surely buy it :)

  19. Snyper D, have you been at the website and seen if they can ship the game to Hungary?

  20. News about ETS2?

  21. When Will T&T be on sale in Ireland ?

  22. This is a joke! Excalibur in the UK are charging £24.99 for the standard edition! This SE is only £20(converted)! Why would it be so much cheaper in Poland? Will this Polish SE have English as a language option? I might as well just go and buy that?

  23. special package of turkey,please

  24. super vivement le 17/0/2011, je cours l'acheter

  25. Brilliant this casket, I hope to find him(it) in France. I really look forward to being 17 to buy him(it). Saddened for my bad English.

  26. Just goes to show how sad the Poles are.


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