Sunday, October 16, 2011

ETS2 cities

This user interface screen from Euro Truck Simulator 2 is going to reveal quite a bit about the span of Europe covered in the game.

This screen doesn't show the UK destinations, as they were not in the particular build of the game when this image was grabbed, but a considerably reworked map from UKTS will be merged in too.

It may be a disappointment for some of our fans from countries not covered here, but this is as good as we have managed so far after almost 2 years of work on the game. With the attention to detail we are pursuing, and much denser road coverage compared to original Euro Truck Simulator, adding in countries is a tedious and slow process. For comparison, while the original ETS map represented circa 1.5 man-year of work, we have already sunk over eight man-years into the ETS2 map, and we are not quite finished yet.

Is this all? Depends on you. We would love to continue extending the ETS2 world beyond the release of the initial version of the game, but it all depends on support that we receive from the fan base. But we have already ranted on this topic multiple times, and it's well past midnight here in Prague.