Monday, July 16, 2012

Back from rainy Nürburgring

We have spent a couple of inspiring days in Germany, unfortunately the weather at Nürburgring was mostly rainy and quite cold given that it supposed to be the Summer.

It was great to see the races (and the success of Czech drivers in the main events), the parade loop with dozens of trucks with cool paintjobs and the Ameican trucks was cool, too, but it was even cooler seeing the constant stream of visitors pouring into rondomedia's stand to check out our games. Quite a lot of them were walking away with a freshly purchased game. The idea that the event can help new customers discover truck simulation games has really worked.

We have even shown a few bits of an early playable build of Euro Truck Simulator 2 during press events - the game should get coverage in trucking as well as gaming magazines thanks to our meetings with journalists.

However the speculation in the comments of the previous posts that the game is pretty much done are far from the truth. We are yet to properly start the beta testing, and our database of bugs already contains hundreds of issues to address, with more coming daily than we are able to fix. We are really trying to finish work on the game as soon as possible - and our publishing partners are pushing us as hard as they can, too. Please have patience with us - all we want to do is to give you a finished and polished game!