Sunday, September 23, 2012

ETS2 Translators needed

Community translation of ETS2 has been under way for some time behind the scenes already, and several languages are now reported as 100% complete. We have privately invited major contributors from our previous translations, and they are doing a fabulous job.

We are still tweaking things extensively in the game based on tester's feedback, so strings are changed or added frequently. Our translators fortunately are quite patient with us so far when "breaking" their translations this way.

Unlike with the previous projects, this time we do not intend to open up the translation system to just anybody. It was causing problems with too much "noise" and sometimes even malicious abuse of the system.

We are now ready to bring in more translators for languages which haven't got enough contributions yet, and we would kindly like to ask more of you for help.

The languages we need help with are: all Nordic languages, Spanish, Portuguese, Ukrainian and Balkan languages. We DO NOT need any help though with German, Polish, Hungarian, Czech, Romanian, Silesian (yes, we are ready to cover even "small" languages if we find dedicated contributors, Basque anyone?), Italian, and French. We are setting the per-language maximum to 3 people to allow for productive discussion in smaller circles of dedicated people.

What we are looking for: mature approach, solid language skills, excellent English language comprehension, and team spirit. Experience with previous community translations a plus, provable history of community participation a big benefit, too.

What you are getting in exchange? This is a volunteer activity with no compensation, so the most you can get is feeling good about helping your favorite game to be available to players in your own language. We have a history of expressing gratitude to people helping us out by giving out free activation codes for our games (for Scania TDS help we have gifted over 100 free copies of the game), but this is really up to our discretion if we see that the quality (most important criteria) and the overall effort really were a solid contribution.

How does it work? Take a look at Scania TDS translation project.

Please do not respond to this plea here in the comments, DO NOT expose your e-mail or any other contact info here on the blog. If you have read and taken in the whole info above and still want to help, get in touch with us instead on our mail info at scssoft dot com.