Thursday, September 6, 2012

Scania YETD 2012 finals this weekend

You may still remember our little game Scania Truck Driving Simulator. ;-) By the way a new update for the game is coming with two more Dangerous Drives challenges. (You can also now vote for this game on Steam Greenlight, just as for ETS2)

One of the goals when we created this game together with Scania was promotion of their Young European Truck Driver competition. It was a tough task for us to implement the fine control and detailed truck vs. world collision model for the competition events in the game, but we think we came pretty close to the real thing. The project has been an important stepping stone and great learning experience in our quest to develop the ultimate truck simulator.

This weekend, the genuine YETD competition is concluded at the final event taking place in Södertälje, Sweden. On Saturday, September 8, a crowd of some 10,000 people is expected to show up to cheer for their champions from all around Europe.

SCS Software's CEO Pavel Sebor will also be coming to enjoy the day. If you happen to be a true truck freak, you can see the finals streamed live on your computer, unless you actually plan to come in person. Here is a short video recap of how it looked during the 2010 finals days and the superfinals if you are interested.

Our Nordic publishing partner Wendros will also be coming too, in quite some force. They will bring and install 10 "demo stations" - computers with large screens, wheels and pedals, to run Scania TDS. This should give the visitors plenty of opportunity to check out the game and have fun with the virtual re-creation of YETD, while the finalists will be sweating in the "Knock the King" and other disciplines on hot asphalt. It will be a great event, Pavel hopes to take some good photos and post them on the blog next week.

Let us conclude this post with screenshots from the upcoming Scania TDS update as an appetizer for the patch :-)