Sunday, November 11, 2012

Can we climb even higher?

Thanks for the incredible volume of feedback on the previous blog post. I have taken the time to read all of it. I always do read all comments, even though sometimes it can be a pain - it's been quite a lot of reading during the past 2+ years!

Whether we go for paid ETS2 extensions or not, rest assured that we are going to release fixes for the core game for free, and we do not plan to stop just at fixes, we have lots of improvements in mind.

However, we also need to move forward. If we kept improving the game forever and for free, of course we'd make the hardcore players super happy, but while having our development capacity occupied this way, there would be no investment into future projects. One day we'd run out of juice. So finding a viable business model for extending Euro Truck Simulator 2 in parallel to being able to launch new project(s) is highly desirable. You get new content and new features relatively quickly, on the order of months, rather than having to wait for years for a new big game like it was in the case of ETS2. And with crowdsourcing, there is a chance to both have the cake and eat it - we wouldn't have to pick between evolving ETS2 and starting something new, we may have enough resources to grow SCS to pull off both.

Maximizing the revenue from ETS2 is crucial for giving us the strength to invest even more into our games. We are really grateful for your help in spreading the word of mouth and exposing new players to the phenomenon of truck sims. You are fantastic, thank you! We were delighted recently by very positive and thoughtful user reviews on Metacritic and long discussion that the game inspired on hardcore player websites.

We have made it to GamersGate, we have made it to Origin, but one big piece of the puzzle is still missing - making it to Steam in order to get the game in front of millions of its users. I have been bringing the topic up on the blog repeatedly, some of you might be tired of it already, but there are also many who keep asking for news on this topic. Anytime we mention our ETS2 Steam Greenlight campaign, we can see very positive effect on the votes coming in. Just check the graph below to see what the mention earlier this week has managed to do:

We have climbed one more step on the ladder!

I am sure regular readers of this blog who happen to have Steam accounts have all voted long ago, but there are more people coming every day. The "power fans" who have websites, message boards or facebook pages bringing news about the game are also doing a lot to help. Thank you for keeping the Greenlight campaign in focus and reminding your visitors of its potential benefit for the future of truck sims developed by our little company. Valve is going to announce a new wave of Steam-approved games on November 30, can we still make a difference? So please keep the YouTube movies coming, make sure to have your blog and facebook posts reminding your audience about it, there is this whole network of modding sites where tons of players are coming every day, there is Twitter,  there are institutionalized "friends" on services like Google+ or even the very Steam itself... all these and more are channels that can be used to help spread the word.

Thank you!