Thursday, November 15, 2012

Patches Patches

Yesterday's patch wasn't such a smooth ride as we had hoped, sorry. Your response was initially quite shocking for us as lot of problems were reported. In the end, we distilled the problems to a few core causes, and we have worked overnight to provide you with an updated patch as soon as possible. We apologize for the trouble, we were confident that the patch was mature and ready after extended testing, but we still missed some things.

The lessons learned and suggestions for you:
  • Let the patch finish! On some computers it may take up to 10 minutes for the patch to do its job, Windows may even claim that "application not responding" but in fact the patch is taking time to update all files. If you interrupt the patch before it's finished, you will end up with executable files and game data files out of sync, and the only fix will be a complete uninstall and re-install of the game.
  • The patch will fail and mess cracked or altered game files. The patch doesn't just plain copy new executable files or data pack files into the game's folder, it uses the existing files and only changes the inside sections of them which were changed. If your .exe's or .scs'es were in any way altered, the patch will fail, and fail silently - we never tested it against cracked game.
  • Make sure you have enough room on the hard-drive volume where your game is installed before you apply the patch. To be safe, you should have 4 GB of spare room on the hard drive for the patch to do all the changes. In the end you will end with about the same free space, the extra spare room is needed just for the patch operations.
  • The patch may have crashed for people using banned Product Keys, there was a bug in the code which should act "mercifully" on banned keys and only show up the Activation Screen again, but instead the game was crashing. Our mistake for not testing the patch with banned keys.
  • It seems that there may be some mods out there which affect the game save files in ways that make the new version of the game unable to read the save files. If you are using mods, make sure to make a backup of your "profile" folder so that you can safely revert things.
  • The ultimate reason that we need a new patch today is that there were incompatibilities with the patch and certain retail editions of the game, that was a problem we did not catch during testing, but should be fixed with this minor update today.
When things fail still for you and you are in doubt what to do, the solution is to uninstall the game and install a new complete fresh version of the game. Keep an eye on mod incompatibilities, and to avoid frustration of lost game progress back up your game profile.

Get the new patch from ETS2 Update page.

Get the complete new version of the game from ETS2 Download Page.

If you had no trouble with yesterday's 1.2.5 patch, there is no need to update again actually, functionally it's the same game. In fact even with the latest patch the game still identifies itself as version 1.2.5 as we haven't touched the game binary from 1.2.5 to

Also please have patience with the new Asian languages support, the features necessary to make it work in the game are quite new and translations did not have much time to stabilize. Consider it the first step.